Bri and Ve

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How We Met

I had always told myself that I would never join any dating apps or websites. I visualized myself meeting the man of my dreams in person. Who would have known that I’d find my soulmate by swiping on Tinder? Ve Jano and I began texting through the app and we soon exchanged phone numbers. He invited me to attend one of his concerts, as he is the co-founder of the Underground Concert Series.

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I was a little nervous because most of the Tinder dates I had gone on were at restaurants or bars, but I decided to give it a shot. I went to the concert and he was so friendly and I got a great vibe from him. I was supposed to go hang out with some friends after (I only planned to stay for about an hour), but I ended up canceling those plans and staying the whole night. After that night, we spoke every day and started hanging out multiple times a week. The rest is history: we have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Ve Jano is a goofball. We’ve talked about marriage a lot during the course of our relationship, and because of that, he has jokingly gotten down on one knee in the kitchen and other random areas of the house and asked me to marry him, but then gave me a different non-diamond ring and said “nevermind, this one’s not good enough.” Eventually, after multiple false proposals, I got annoyed and said “Stop, I’m not going to know the real one when it happens!” Of course, he didn’t stop. But on the weekend of our anniversary (April 29), we went to the Poconos to a resort called the Woodlands Inn. We had the most amazing time there- we were able to simply relax, which is not always common as we’re both very busy people. The day after our anniversary, on the Sunday that we would be later heading home, we ate our complimentary breakfast at the resort. Ve Jano told me he wanted us to take a picture outside with the beautiful stream that ran past the resort in the background, so he asked a waitress to take the photo for us. Little did I know that he had approached her and filled her in on what he was about to do and asked her to video it. We went out to take the picture and I was honestly oblivious that there was any secret plan. We took the picture, and the next thing I knew, he was bending down on one knee, holding a ring.

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At first, of course, I thought it was another joke proposal. He quickly stood back up and said “no, this one isn’t good enough.” Then, he got down again, and this is when I knew he was serious. I couldn’t believe it, even though we had talked about it so much, it didn’t feel real! On the second attempt, he held out another ring, but got up again and said that one wasn’t good enough either (after I had already said yes). The third time, he held out the real diamond ring and said my full name and then proceeded to ask, “will you marry me?” I was so filled with euphoric emotions that all I could do was nod; I couldn’t even speak. I felt pure bliss. It felt like a dream! I always wondered if my proposal would be as magical as society and the media makes it out to be, but it was even more amazing than I could have imagined. Now, I look at my ring every day and remember the amazing trip we had in Pennsylvania, where we became engaged.

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