Bri and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I had seen each other before, but a couple years passed before we actually had a chance to talk. We officially met through mutual friends shortly after my mom passed away in 2012. It was a dark time in my life, but he was there to encourage me, support me, and inspire me with his ever present, positive outlook on life. I loved that about him. His ability to keep me smiling and his encouragement to grow through something so difficult. He became my best friend, and then about a year later, my boyfriend. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

This year, we decided that we wanted to do some traveling. I contacted my Aunt and Uncle in Las Vegas and we set up a 3 day trip to go visit with them, do some hiking in the Red Rocks, enjoy some warm weather, and relax.

We made it to Vegas with each day planned and Travis told me he wanted to go hiking at Red Rock Canyon on Sunday. Perfect. We love the outdoors so I couldn’t wait to share this experience with someone who equally loves adventure.

Sunday came and we packed my camera and tripod into my backpack, along with water and some snacks. He told me he wanted to make sure we were there when the sun was setting because he thought it would be awesome to see the sun setting over the mountains.

Image 1 of Bri and Travis

We climbed a lot of rocks and took a ton of pictures. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. I was going through the pictures on my camera and he had mentioned he was hungry and was going to start packing stuff up into my backpack on my back so we could head to the car and go get some dinner. As I was flipping through all the pictures, I felt a tugging at the bottom of my shorts. They were freyed so I figured he was just pulling random strings off of them. When I didn’t turn around he started saying “Babe.” I was really into the pictures and replied “What?” while still flipping through. Again “Babe.” And a “Yea?” reply. Another “Babe.” So this time I turned around to see Travis on one knee. I almost dropped my camera and of course said “Yes!!”. That perfect day got a little more perfect. And I left those Red Rocks with a little rock of my own.

Image 2 of Bri and Travis