Bri and Sean

How We Met: We met in 2013 in Arizona at the River on July 4th. Everything was magic after that. I have never met any one like him. He is the most caring man I have ever laid my eyes on. While we were dating I got pretty sick from a weekend at the river, and Sean took me to the doctors, got medicine for me and made sure I was taken care of the entire time, I knew after that he was the man of y dreams and I want to be with him for the rest of our lives.

After a year dating we then moved in together. In October my birthday was the 8th and he told me he had something planned. He said I needed work off for a week, my passport and bathing suits. I did not know until we pulled up to the Airport in LA that we were going to BORA BORA!

how they asked: November 2014, Sean and I couldn’t be more in love, winter was coming and we couldn’t be more excited to spend the holidays together and with our families. Sadly my grandma had gotten cancer that fall so my family was very worried about her. Since she lived in Utah it was hard to comfort her through this time. That month Sean said he wanted to get the whole family together since his family was so small he loved that we were a big loving family.


I said that is a great idea. My uncle decided he wanted to “Roast Sean” If you have seen the celebrity Roast that is kinda what my family does to new people we are dating.


It’s a lot of run and always embarrasses the new boyfriend or girlfriend and welcomes them to our family. So I thought that is what we were having a party for. November 13 I found out my grandma was coming into town and I thought it was to spend some time before she starts Chemo.

Novmeber 14 Sean and I spent running errands doing the normal couple stuff all day, we got ready and then headed to my uncle’s. An hour into the party My uncle called Sean up to the Stage (he has a theater room in his house) They then called me up because he needed support while he was going to be “roasted” My uncle said to Sean any last words before we begin. Sean then started saying how much he loved me and how much he loves my family and how happy he is that we met mean while I’m so confused on why he is being so serious since it was supposed to be funny.

Before I knew it he was getting up and getting down on one knee.


I could not have been more surprised in my entire life.


He not only got everyone together but he even got my grandma that is sick to come and watch this important moment in our lives. It could not have been any better in my dreams! I cannot wait to Marry the man I have always dreamed of.