Bri and John

How We Met

Growing up in South Jersey, we actually only lived 8 minutes from each
other. However, we never went to the same school together and it
wasn’t until we were in our late teenage years that our summertime
lifeguarding job brought us together for the first time, 9 years ago.
We worked together for 2 summers and went our separate ways through
college and grad schools. 6 years after we first met, at the end of
the summer of 2015, our lives reconnected. Again, we found out we only
lived 8 minutes apart but this time in Philly.

How They Asked

On the day John proposed, he took me to the Philadelphia Art Museum, which lies on the outskirts of the Fairmount neighborhood in Philly. This area of the city was where we reconnected over 3 years ago, 6 years after we first met. As we overlooked the city in an embrace, we reminisced on our first date, our first kiss and a lot of other memories in the area that had brought us to this point in time. As he let go of me, I turned around to find John kneeling on the ground, opening a black velvet box, asking me to marry him.

Bri and John's Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Philadelphia, PA

As I said yes, the crowd of people who were visiting the Art Museum, erupted into applause. As another surprise, one of our best friends was hiding in the crowd, taking beautiful pictures of our just said yes moment for us to cherish for a lifetime. Dinner followed with plenty of champagne and steak. And as the final surprise of the night, John took me to our first date spot, to “just grab a drink”. It wasn’t until we walked in and everyone yelled “Congratulations!” that I realized John had actually planned an engagement party for us to celebrate our with our family and friends for the rest of the evening. It was the most perfect proposal for our love story and just as he does each and every day, never ceases to make me smile and feel extremely loved.

Special Thanks

Dave Brisbane
 | Photographer