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How We Met

It was almost five years ago, in the heat of Summer 2013 when we met. By “met” I mean found each other online on a dating app! I was curious about online dating, so I downloaded the app for fun. He messaged me and I gave him my number, but then promptly deleted the app from my phone. The other guys weren’t as intriguing or friendly, so why waste time? I figured if he was truly interested, he would text me and he did. We spoke on the phone and text a lot in June. He wanted to take me out on a date right away, but I wanted to wait. We ended up going on our first date the last week of July (around the same date we got engaged!). We met at a frozen yogurt shop in San Jose, CA. Jeremie was the gentleman of my dreams. Tall, bearded and handsome, my dream guy for sure! I literally saw him walking toward me several blocks away since he is so tall. It was smooth, relaxing and fun! Immediately we loved each other and were eager for a second date. The rest is history.

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how they asked

Jeremie took me to Oahu, Hawaii in July 2017 as our Summer getaway. We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort, the same hotel “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was filmed at. Everything about the island was magical, we went snorkeling in the clear, blue waters of Waimea Beach where sea turtles swam beneath us, and we hiked through the valley’s botanical garden up to the waterfall. After, we shopped and ate shaved ice at the shopping plaza in Haleiwa, and enjoyed a beautiful luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. At the end of the day, we enjoyed Mai Tais on the patio of our hotel room balcony. We were enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian sunset, and I realized I forgot my phone inside. He offered to go get it for me, he left and a minute or so later he calmly said “Sweetheart?”. I turned around and saw him holding a small box down on one knee.

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I had been waiting so long for this, and was surprised! I cried as he told me “I had an amazing adventure with you today, and I hope we can continue to have many more adventures together. Brianna Stephenson, will you marry me?” I said “yes!” of course, through the tears. He even secretly recorded the entire proposal on his phone! He told me before he took me to Hawaii, he drove to my parent’s house about an hour away to ask for their blessing! I was so happy, it was the perfect proposal and everything I truly wanted and it exceeded my expectations! He is truly the most charming, sweet and romantic gentleman I have ever met. I am so lucky!

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