Bri and Greg

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How We Met

We are true millennial’s at heart. After a night of drinking and being single for over a year, I wanted to go on a date. I figured the quickest way to find a potential date I’d use Tinder. I haven’t been on the app in about 14 months. Shortly after reinstalling Greg came up on my screen and I thought he was cute so I swiped right. We Matched! I was quick to shoot him a note. We got the talking and he asked me out on a date within the next few days. Greg was very traditional with our first date. He drove to my house in some nasty weather conditions to pick me up. Whoa! Who does that anymore? We went to an Old School Italian Restaurant, sat at this really secluded booth in the corner. A violinist even came to the table. Great food and Great Conversation, Best 1st Date I’ve ever been on. Sealed the night with a kiss on my doorstep. The Rest is History.

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How They Asked

Greg asked me a few days before to go on a breakfast date. It’s been some time since we went to breakfast. We went to this delicious restaurant in downtown Chicago- The Conrad, Baptiste, and Bottle. Amazing food and amazing views. After breakfast, we headed back to Greg’s house. He wanted to show me the new blinds he got installed while we were at Breakfast.

I went upstairs to look at the blinds and when I opened the door I saw rose petals on the floor and I completely lost it. He tried to get me to go in and I was frozen. I walked in and saw a ton of candles and a table with photos of us and a sign ” Bri Will You Marry Me <3 Greg” I heard a clicking sound and when looked I saw my friend Kaitlynn (who lives in Dallas now) with her camera and my friend Ali. Greg expressed his love and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

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Kaitlynn Cassady
 | Photographer
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 | Planning