Bri and DeVaughn's Washington, DC Proposal


How We Met

If you know DeVaughn, you are sure to know that his life passion is and will remain the game of golf.  Almost fifteen years ago, when we were both barely teenagers, DeVaughn played on a national golf team that my father just so happened to coach in Washington, DC.  I tagged along just for the experience and to meet with one of my aunts that I had not seen in a very long time.

Throughout the course of that week, I made tons of memories at the golf course, the DC sites, and a WNBA game.  It was most in part because I had met DeVaughn, and we drew very close for that week.  Afterwards, however, we lost contact for about five years.  It wasn’t until he saw a few pictures and posts of mine on Facebook about wanting to enroll at a college in Houston where he stayed.  Of course he reached out, and here we are now!

how they asked

It came as a huge surprise last December when DeVaughn told me about a “golf tournament” he had been invited to in DC.  I thought it kind of strange for someone to host a tournament in DC in DECEMBER, but I was so excited about returning to the city that I gave it no more thought than that.

The morning of the proposal, we got up early, had breakfast near the White House, and visited many of the sites that we had visited fifteen years before.  DeVaughn hired a professional photographer to take pictures of us that morning, which was a huge surprise to me.





When we got almost to one of the sites where we just about formally met, he got down on one knee and said something that I can’t even remember; but, the gist of it was asking me to marry him!  I said yes, of course, and now we could not be happier!










Special Thanks

Kenneth Jackson