Bri and CJ

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pebble Beach, California

How We Met

CJ and I met eight year ago, in my parents back yard. On one spring night in April, right after a club volleyball game, I was suppose to hang out with a good friend of mine. That friend ended up cancelling, so instead I decided to invite a couple of my friends from my volleyball team over for a team gathering. One of my good friends, till this day, Tori, came to the gathering. A little bit through the night, she asked if she could invite some of her really good guy friends over, who she had not seen in a while that she went to middle school with. Being the young teenager I was, I said “Sure”. Little did I know that was night that I would meet my future husband. CJ, my finance now, came walking up that night.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pebble Beach, California

The night consist of hanging around the fire pit, getting to know each other and other catching up on old times. We all hung out till 3:00 AM that night. The next morning, I got a message from CJ, asking if we wanted to hangout. The more we talked the closer of friends we became. A couple months later, we started dating and the rest is history! We went through all of high school, then did long distance in college (still together the whole time), and then moved back home to our home town. Eight amazing years has gone by, we have grown up together and been through it all together, and we are finally engaged and so ready to get married!

how they asked

For Valentines day this year, I put in a cute creative way that my valentines day gift to CJ was that I was going to take him on day trip down to Pebble Beach, California. We would go shopping and have lunch on the patio that over looks Pebble Beach Golf Course. Pebble Beach is our place. We had our 1 month anniversary there, we celebrated our six month anniversary and many many anniversary and valentines days after that. Well it rained on that Valentines day this year and then the next couple weekends after that we had other trips and events booked. Finally, CJ said “I’m still going to take you up on that offer from Valentine’s Day.” And then told me that he wanted to go on Saturday, March 25th. I said “Sure! That day sounds great.” That Saturday finally came around. I woke up, got ready and headed over to CJ’s house.. from there he drove and we made our way down to Pebble.

I’m realtor, so I asked CJ if before we went to lunch if we was okay if we went to look at a couple homes in Carmel. He had no problem with it at all! After we looked at homes in Carmel, we headed down 17 mile drive. 17 mile drive is our favorite drive we could ever take together.The view, the homes, everything about it is just perfect. It feels like there’s not a worry in the world when your driving down this road. We finally arrived at Pebble Beach, walked around the shops then just when we were about to go have lunch, CJ says ” Do you want to go get your picture now on the 18th hole, just so we can get it done with before lunch?” This statement was not out of the normal because I make CJ take a picture everywhere we go. So we walked down to the 18th hole, couldn’t find anyone to take a picture for us, so I just said “Let’s take a selfie.” Right when I was holding the phone up about to click the button, I was trying to see if we I was getting the ocean in the back of the picture. Right when I looked I noticed that CJ was holding the ring in the back of the picture. In full on shock, he turns around and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

With happy tears rolling down my face I said “YES!!!” Right as I said yes and nodded my head, I heard this huge group of people that popped up from the patio area of the restaurant, cheering for us, it was our entire family! (Also, all the other people who were having lunch that day at Pebble). After it all happened our family came running down congratulating us! We then walked up to the patio area were there was a long table set for 30 people! There was a custom menu, and the perfect little favors sitting on the table! The lunch was delicious, it was a 3 course meal. Prior to everyone arriving to witness our perfect proposal, CJ has everyone arrive at his house for morning breakfast and coordinate rides down to pebble beach! Not only was he able to get my whole family there to celebrate but was able to get my three best friends there as well, who live in all different cities. Every little thing was so thought out! One what seemed like just a normal day trip to Pebble beach turned out to be the most perfect day of my life! CJ couldn’t have proposed in a more amazing way!!! I can’t thank enough everyone that helped him make this day so perfect! Words can not even describe how excited we are to be getting married!!! September 2018 can’t come soon enough!

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