Brettany and Kevin

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How We Met

(Brettany’s Perspective) – We met in high school – Kevin was a junior and I was a sophomore. One day, a friend of mine pointed out that this boy who I had never met or even heard of was cute. Coincidentally that same week that my friend had told me about him, I was formally introduced to Kevin from another friend. You see, we had some of the same mutual friends which I always thought was cool. We quickly became Facebook friends. On the night of our school spring concert, I had a violin solo – this was the first time that Kevin wrote on my wall. He said something along the lines of “good job!” I didn’t think much of it. The school year came to an end and since we weren’t close, I thought I wouldn’t talk to or bump into one another till September. I was wrong. There was an instance where Kevin struck up a conversation with me on FB messenger wanting to talk about a Christian band, and there was also one time in the summer where I ran into him in the park while I was with some of our friends (Tim and Reda to be exact) as we were walking home from the movies.

Come my junior year, Kev’s senior year, our friend groups began to mesh together and we started hanging out more – always in a group, never one on one. I kind of love that about us because we became friends before we were anything else. At first, I didn’t see anything with Kevin because I was only getting to know him little by little. But after being able to see him grow both spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as a person right before my eyes, I soon saw how big his heart was and is. I will always thank God for bringing us closer as we started the Christian club at school with a few other brothers and sisters in Christ. I will always be reminded that we came together as one because of God’s love and presence.

The way that Kevin and I started to talk intimately is very funny actually, and we really have Skippy and Tim to thank for that. I opened up to Skip about how I started to like Kev. One thing led to another; Tim found out, and being the person that he is, he pried into our lives and forced us to talk about our mutual feelings. The story goes like this – one Sunday evening in November, Tim, Kim and I were video chatting on Oovoo (old school, I know), and Tim had said he knew for a fact that Kevin liked me back. He suggested we do a three way call and I’d stay silent on the other line; I don’t know why I ever agreed to this back then but I’m glad I did. The call went something along the lines of this:

T. – “Hey Kevin, what’s up?
K. – Nothing much
T. – (giggling) Oh, well, Brettany likes you, do you like her???
K. – Uh, I don’t know
T. – Oh, alright then, talk later

I wasn’t upset when I heard this, I just kind of took it as “alright, that’s fine I guess”, and wanted to move on. I remember getting off my laptop and putting up an away message on Aim because I went to go practice violin (so emo right?!) About thirty minutes later, Tim messaged me saying that Kevin was gonna call me, and low and behold, he did. Not knowing what this conversation would be about, I shyly said “hi.” Basically, Kev had said that he somehow knew I was on the other end of the phone line, which is why he didn’t want to say anything. He then confessed his liking towards me, and as did I. Things took off from there.

The next day after school, we decided to talk about it fully in person at the Pickle Ball tournament, and I can still recall most of the conversation from that late afternoon. November 09, 2009 – one of the greatest days of my life. From then on, we only grew closer and closer through the highs and the lows. We have been there for each other through hell and back. Our love has grown over the years and again I only have God to thank for that. And now, I have the privilege of soon calling this man my husband (it feels so nice to write that!!) – I can’t begin to say how lucky and how excited I am to be able to spend the rest of my days with Kevin John Guerrero. I pray that God will continuously bless us as a couple and that He may be with us in this new journey that we will take on together.

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how they asked

(Kevin’s Perspective) – To be honest, the thought of proposing to Brettany didn’t take that long to surface. I’m pretty sure that after the first year of our relationship I was head over heels for this girl and was pretty sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Heck, we weren’t even 20 at that point but I still knew that this was the girl. At some point during our early college years, we started talking about weddings and proposals. I remember discussing what she wanted for a proposal and that she always wanted me to make sure I captured the moment by hiring a photographer. I think the words were something like “You better make sure you hire a photographer for when you propose!” I mean, you can’t be anymore explicit than that so for sure I was going to remember that.

The years go by and my feelings for Brettany only got stronger. I remember telling her sometime during grad school that I wanted to propose to her soon after college and when I would get my first job. I was determined to show this girl I was committed to our relationship. After 7 years there are expectations, and I wanted to show this girl that I didn’t just say things, but that I meant them. Soon after graduating I got my first big boy job, and after finally having some financial independence, I started planning for a date to propose.

Going into summer 2017 we had a planned vacation to California and I knew that would be a nice place to pop the question. I spent a few weeks’ googling proposal ideas and places to propose in California. After doing the research I decided on proposing at the sunset cliffs in San Diego. The next order of business was the photographer since I knew she definitely wanted that. Sharon, Brettany’s best friend and also one of my best friends, was a big help with this. She knew a guy that did some photography in the California. After contacting him he directed me to Max Holtzhouser who was another photographer local to the sunset cliffs area. I set up an appointment with Max and we discussed the proposal. He suggested a time that I should arrive at the cliffs (when the sunset would be at its best) and he explained how/where he would take the photos.

Fast forward to the actual day of the proposal – I was pretty nervous the whole day. You would think I’d be pretty confident since we have been together for so long. In fact I was pretty sure she’d say yes but there was something about popping the question and making a big move in my/our life that was a little overwhelming (in a good way). The plan for the day was to go hiking morning to early afternoon, get lunch early to late afternoon, and then catch the sunset at the sunset cliffs. By the time we finished our lunch, we were about an hour ahead of schedule before the sunset. I had to find several ways to kill an hour so I made up several excuses like stopping by McDonalds to use the rest room, taking wrong turns on our drive to the cliffs, convincing Brettany that I was interested in seeing the houses in the area, etc. To make matters worse she was getting pretty tired and was losing enthusiasm, as I would meaninglessly kill time. Finally, we arrive at the cliffs during the perfect time. All is good and I suggest we walk over to a quiet spot. She questioned me why and explained that her feet hurt from all the hiking. To her it was probably a little out of the blue but I was just trying to find a nice spot to catch some nice pictures.

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I finally convinced her to walk a little and we stopped at the perfect spot. There I got a little intimate, said a few words, and began my proposal speech. As I focused my speech on how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and that I have been waiting to do this for a while now, she started laughing at me. It was laughter out of joy and surprise but when I pulled out the ring she knew it was the real thing. I got on one knee and said the words. She said yes of course! Max revealed himself shortly after and got some great shots of the whole thing. She was pretty happy and so was I. We were finally engaged!

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Special Thanks

Max Holtzhouser
 | Photographer