Brett and Maxwell

Image 3 of Brett and Maxwell
How We Met: Max and I met in Fayetteville, AR when I was a sophomore at The University of Arkansas and he was a senior at the same University. We began to talk on a daily basis and we decided that we needed to have a first date. Our first date, we decided, was to attend a Texas RangersImage 1 of Brett and Maxwellbaseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington. The 7th inning came around and the “Kiss Cam” began to make its way around the stadium to the lucky couples. The last picture that flashed on the jumbo tron was none other than Maxwell and me. We looked at each other in surprise and decided to go for it! So, our first kiss happened on the “Kiss Cam” in front of thousands of strangers. From that moment on we became inseparable.

how they asked: On Saturday, April 11th I was planning on spending the day with Maxwell’s mother and sister. We had plans to go shopping, get our nails done, etc. Well, I was told that we were celebrating Maxwell’s mother’s birthday and we were going out to dinner. So I put on the cutest dress I have and Maxwell’s mom and sister come to pick me up and meet the rest of the family at the restaurant. Well, on our way to the restaurant, Maxwell’s sister stops the car in front of Old Main at the University of Arkansas and I am prompted to get out. Maxwell’s mother looks at me and says, “I
have been waiting for this moment for a long time”, and at that moment I knew my life would be forever changed. I gazed off into the distance and there, standing in front of Old Main, was Maxwell. He started walking, as did I and as I walked, I noticed pictures of the two of us over the past two years. Maxwell began to talk to me about the journey we had been on together and how he wanted to continue his journey with me, forever. We arrived at the front of Old Main and around us were candles and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES!

Image 2 of Brett and Maxwell