Brett and Holly

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Excel Athletics

How We Met

We are from the same small home town but never knew each other existed until he was home for Easter in 2017. We matched on Bumble, my account being set up only days before by my best friend saying “what’s the worst that could happen”. From that first conversation I knew he was something special, but I was so nervous for the first date! He lived about an hour from where we grew up so we met at a little restaurant halfway between the two cities and what started as just dinner turned into hours and hours of conversation. From then, we were inseparable, finding out quickly we had many small-town ties of friends and family members knowing one another.

How They Asked

I own a competitive cheer gym in our hometown that’s been open for almost 4 years. It’s my heart and soul and I love EVERY SECOND of coaching cheer and tumbling. We were entering our third season and hosting our second “Showcase”- basically, a season opener where all of our teams perform for the first time in full hair, makeup and uniform. For the non-cheer world- this was A HUGE DAY for me and an even bigger day for my cheer kids who were of course nervous! I was running around crazy making sure everything was perfect and as the doors opened and the seats were filling up, one of my other coaches came and grabbed me saying one of my athletes was in my office bawling because her wrist hurt and she couldn’t perform. (ALL A PLOY TO GET ME IN THE BACK OFF THE MAIN FLOOR- SHE WAS TOTALLY FINE AND IN ON THE PLAN) When I told her she was going to have to make it work for one performance she said okay I can do it and that’s when I heard my boyfriend on the PA system talking and I panicked as this WAS NOT on the schedule I had meticulously planned.

Brett and Holly's Engagement in Excel Athletics

I turn the corner to see what was going on and every athlete in my program had a heart balloon and my older girls had HUGE signs with Brett and I’s favorite pictures on them. I got through the crowd and back on the floor standing next to him overwhelmed by all the cuteness and he begins to tell me how much he loves me and loves traveling the world with me and would love nothing more than to travel together for the rest of our lives. My girls then flipped the picture signs over to reveal the words “will you marry me?” And Brett dropped to one knee. It was the most perfect proposal and so thoughtful I couldn’t even believe it and of course, said yes! To include all the people that are so important to me and include my cheer girls meant the world. It was truly the most perfect way to propose and the most perfect person to say yes too! He left me speechless the rest of the day and on cloud nine!

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