Bretlyn and Nicholas' Adorable Marriage Proposal Video

Adorable Marriage Proposal VideoHow We Met: Nick and I met my first day of college in rehearsals for the first show of the season. I was the new freshman choreographer, and he was the lead in the show. He took the entire cast out for food after our first rehearsal and we spent the next 4 months growing closer as friends. We were so comfortable being around each other that I didn’t actually realize we had been going out on dates together until our third one!

By the beginning of the next semester I had fallen in love with this man and we began our relationship together.

Over the past 3 1/2 years he’s treated me like a princess and has been there to support and encourage me in everything I’ve done.

how they asked: It was the opening weekend of “Kiss me, Kate” where I was playing the role of Bianca. They had scheduled a talk back Q&A with the audience after the show (which is pretty standard for Sunday shows).

At the end of the show, I noticed all of my best friends and their mothers were in the audience. They live all over; from Nor Cal to Arizona to New Mexico. I couldn’t believe they were all there! During the talk back, they began raising their hands and asking me questions about my future plans with acting and about Nicholas and me.

My director announced there was time for one last question, and before anyone else had time to ask anything Nicholas came out from backstage! Cue the tears, kisses, and swarm of love.

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Adorable Marriage Proposal Video

Photos by Stacey Schmitt