Brent and Sarah | Magician Proposes at Show | Video

How We Met: Sarah and I met while working aboard Disney Cruise Line together as children’s entertainers. We quickly became great friends, but I think we fell in love even quicker. It didn’t take long before I knew I was going to marry her.

Image 1 of Brent and Sarah | Magician Proposes at Show | Video

how they asked: After 3 years of working together at sea we both decided it was time to try and start a life together on land. We moved to Toronto where Sarah and I both worked a few odd jobs until my own business took off. While working on the ship I started performing my own magic shows, and I soon took that to the next level when I became “IncrediBrent“.

For the summer of 2011 I performed over 100 magic shows in the months of July and August. It was a crazy, busy summer, and every show just flew by. Every show except for the last show… It was my very last show of the summer and I was performing at a resort in Niagara Falls close to my home town. Sarah was flying out to England the next day to visit her best friend from the ship and she would be gone for two weeks. The timing of everything couldn’t have been planned better. Since it was my last show I invited along many friends and family members from the area who all knew what was going to happen. I did the entire show the same way I did it every week at the resort, except for when I got to the end…

The video explains it better than I can:

That entire show I was so nervous, but I guess I never let it show because Sarah had no idea it was going to happen. It was such a perfect night and I’m sure the best, most memorable show I will ever do.

Image 2 of Brent and Sarah | Magician Proposes at Show | Video