Brenna and Mike

How We Met

We met online through in the summer of 2013. I had just moved home to Minnesota after serving active duty Army for 8.5 years and I didn’t want to rely on family or the few high school friends I kept in touch with to set me up. I was ready to take a break from online dating after about a month and a half (oh, the stories…) when on a whim I sent Mike my phone number. We talked on the phone (!) for over an hour and made a date to grab coffee after work. We ended up closing down the coffee shop and headed to another restaurant for a beer. After that we never looked back!

how they asked

We had gone ring shopping in January so I knew Mike had the ring on hand. Over the next few months, every time we would go traveling, I thought he was going to propose, but he never did. He would also play the super fun “gotta tie my shoe” game. And by super fun, I mean not fun at all… In May of 2017, both of us took a personal day off of work and headed to my grandparent’s cabin in Northern Minnesota. Mike had just purchased a new selfie stick and actually wanted to take pictures with it. I am usually the one wanting to take pictures of us at places so this was a bit unusual. While we were down by the lake, he gave the stick to me, kneeled down and asked me to marry him! It was the perfect place, at the perfect time and I could not have asked for anything more!

Special Thanks

Kara Olson Photography
 | Photographer