Brenna and Josh's Adorable Proposal in the Mountains

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How We Met

Brenna and I both grew up in beach cities, yet we both have always loved all things country. Brenna went to college in Northern California surrounded by cowtown and I was raised hunting, so country music was engrained in us. Both involved heavily in our churches, we had assumed we would meet our future wife/husband in our church congregations, but God had different plans. To experience Brenna’s sassy charm and Joshua’s sarcastic wit fully, it only made perfect sense that we would meet country line dancing. It was our birthdays, so naturally we went to the local country club with our separate groups of friends, completely unaware of each other’s existence before our mutual friend ran into Joshua. Once the line dancing turned into a couple’s two-step, Brenna and her best friend decided it was a perfect break to freshen up in the bathroom and take a breather. Leaving the dance floor it was at this moment that Brenna’s best friend bumped into Joshua. They were friends from church and after they caught up, Brenna’s best friend introduced them to each other. Neither one of us believed in love at first sight, but there is no other way to describe our first connection. It was Joshua’s actual birthday and it was Brenna’s birthday week. Girls do not simply celebrate for one day, which Joshua learned later. Brenna was wearing a birthday sash and crown and Joshua said, “Hey, it’s your birthday…. it’s my birthday too!” The outgoing girl she was, Brenna said, “You know this means you owe me a dance right, birthday boy?”, and before he shyly could tell her that he didn’t know the dance moves, she pulled him onto the floor where they danced the rest of the night. Almost three years later, we haven’t stopped dancing since.

how they asked

Brenna had been hospitalized the last few weeks of November from a sudden severe infection. Joshua had picked up the completed ring the day she was emitted and had planned to ask her before Thanksgiving because it was her all-time favorite holiday, but when she was emitted, his plans needed to change. He later joked how ‘funny’ it would have been to propose in the hospital, but Brenna would have never been okay with that. Brenna having experience in the wedding industry and floral design, Joshua desired to make this the most special thing beyond any other Instagram post, that she could experience herself in her life thus far.

After their second date almost 3 years earlier, Joshua called his parents and told his dad that he had complete confirmation that Brenna was his wife and he “was going to marry this girl.” He waited for them to graduate from college, earn their first careers, and respect Brenna’s expectations to patiently wait for the perfect timing. When she was being dispatched from the hospital, Joshua told her he had planned a date for them in the mountains the first week of December to treat her to her first adventure back in the real world.

Joshua and Brenna are big adventures; they go on local vacations every other weekend. So when Joshua told Brenna he planned a date to help get her in the holiday spirit with their closest couple friends in San Diego, who is a professional photographer, she didn’t think twice about it. Joshua picked

Brenna up early in the morning on Saturday, December 5th, to drive her 3 hours to the San Diego mountains. Brenna was still weak and recovering from her illness so their friends had left earlier to “hike” aka set up the most romantic Winter proposal scene Brenna would soon be surrounded in. Brenna thought they were driving to the mountains to explore, but was completely unaware that Joshua had made plans to propose that early afternoon. She always joked that he would never be able to surprise her because his face would give it all away, but he drove her for 3 hours, singing and dancing to their favorite country songs, and Lord willing, he somehow kept his composure. Without cell phone service when they arrived at the meeting place, Joshua led Brenna to “find” Spencer and Michelle, where the were hiding in the trees camera ready.

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The scene was stunning; they walked along a bridge surrounded by snow, golden grass, and a serene lake. At the base of the bridge was a single stemmed red rose. Brenna walked right past it, not really thinking anything of it until she saw another rose a few feet ahead. She stopped and said, “Babe, did you see that rose? Wait, there’s another… and another! That is so weird.” Joshua starred at Brenna thinking, “Really woman, how do you not know what’s going on?”

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Walking further along the trail, seeing more red roses and petals, she paused, her heart pounding, and eyes watering, face frozen from the wind, looking up at him thinking, “Oh oh oh my gosh are you going to propose?!” She said nothing and patiently waited; a big feat for this outspoken girl who told Joshua basically every thought she had every moment of the day.

Continuing ahead, there was a trail of single stemmed red roses for 500 feet, leading to the romantic spot that was waiting for Joshua to propose. Getting closer to the proposal spot, Joshua started in on his speech. Telling Brenna that he had the greatest opportunity to learn how to love her deeply, provide for her emotionally, and lead her spiritually in the past few weeks that she had been hospitalized, and that he desired to do so for the rest of his life. Joshua continued to walk Brenna through hundreds of red rose petals where Michelle was hiding behind a tree with her camera; just as Brenna had always told Joshua that she dreamed of. A garland with rose blooms hung through the trees, a handmade bouquet with Brenna’s favorite flowers sat in a vase on a wooden side table, and a vintage velvet chair stood between the fallen tree logs, where the blanket lay for Joshua to pop the question. Joshua turned around, got down on one knee, pulled the forest green Mrs. Box holding her custom-designed ring out of his pocket, where he finished his speech asking her to “make him the happiest man alive and marry him.” Brenna looked around in abundant filled joy.

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Hearing her dearest friend’s clicking camera photographing this moment and seeing the face of the love of her life beaming up at her, she paused again, took a long cold deep breath in as tears streamed down both of their faces, and she squealed, “I love you Joshua! YES!”

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Before he could even place the ring on her finger, he jumped up, swept her off of her feet, twirled her around, and they cried of overwhelming happiness. “You’re my fiancé! You’re my fiancé!”, they couldn’t stop exclaiming.

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Joshua gently reached for her hand and placed the most exquisite ring on Brenna’s finger that she had ever seen. Nuzzling into one another’s embrace, hearts racing and tears still rolling down their freezing faces, they screamed in unison to the mountain top, “WE’RE ENGAGED.”

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Special Thanks

Michelle Lillywhite
 | Florals & Photography