Brenna and Humberto

How We Met

Humberto and I grew up in the same town – Fort Collins, Colorado – and even went to the same high school – Rocky Mountain High – without ever meeting. Once our college years began, he stayed in-state and attended Colorado State University, while I left town and attended Chapman University in Orange, California. A few of my friends also went to CSU, so on holiday breaks and trips home, I would inevitably go out with them to various bars and restaurants around town. During that time, I’d run into Humberto and his buddies and I remember thinking that he was one of the nicest guys I’d ever met, but nothing happened past saying hello when we saw each other.

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One fateful New Year’s Eve when we were both seniors in college, Humberto and I ended up at the same bar (shout out to Rec Room in Old Town Fort Collins). Throughout the night, Humberto kept catching my eye, and then, when the clock struck midnight, we kissed! I felt butterflies immediately. The next day I couldn’t stop thinking about him and schemed with my friends Annalisse and Mackenzie to get him to come to the movies with us. It worked!

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But he still wouldn’t ask for my number, as I was leaving to go back to California in a few days. Thank God for good friends, because Annalisse, Mackenzie, and his buddy Cole knocked some sense into Humberto, who finally caught on that I was interested – we exchanged numbers and began talking every day. After four months of this, he decided he wanted to fly out to Orange to see if the amazing friendship we’d effortlessly built via text, phone calls, and Facetime was something more.

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It was a big risk (what if things had gone badly?! He was staying the whole weekend!) but from the moment he landed, we clicked. Our conversation flowed effortlessly, and the chemistry was undeniable. Over the next year and a half, we made a long-distance relationship work. Either I’d fly to Colorado, or he’d come to California, and each visit confirmed that our relationship was worth fighting for. Once we both graduated from college, I knew I’d be moving to Los Angeles to pursue my life-long dream of working in the film industry.

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He was stuck with a huge decision. We knew that if he accepted a job in Colorado, the likelihood of our relationship working was really small. Plus, we wanted to live in the same place and start building a life together! Again, thank God for good friends – it was after a conversation with his friend Luke that Humberto felt the confidence to take a leap of faith and move out to LA to be with me. A month later, he packed up his car and made the 17-hour drive to California. We moved in together right away and nearly four years later, we’ve built an incredible relationship.

How They Asked

Humberto randomly asked me to lunch on Friday, April 5th – he had the day off and wanted to spend it together. I’d just started working on a huge new project for work so I was extremely busy and honestly kind of stressed that I had to take time out of the day to go to lunch. But he was insistent so I made it work. This was after I’d mysteriously been asked by four separate friends if I wanted to get my nails done that week… but I somehow didn’t put two and two together! When I got in the car, he started driving down to Orange County and said he wanted to be nostalgic and grab lunch at our favorite spot in Orange, The Filling Station, where we’d had lunch many times when he visited me during college. The day was gorgeous and we had an amazing time. Now looking back, I can’t believe he was acting so calm and normal!!

After we ate, Humberto asked if I wanted to take a walk to the Old Town Orange circle to take a photo. Never one to turn down a photo opportunity, I agreed, still unsuspecting of anything. After asking a random girl to take our photo in front of the fountain, he led me to sit at a bench. Then he asked me if I knew what day it was – unbeknownst to me, it was five years to the day of our very first date, where we grabbed a coffee and sat at the exact same bench we were sitting on now. Before I could process what was happening, he was down on one knee in front of me, asking if I would marry him. I started bawling my eyes out and nervous giggling and said YES and launched myself into his arms, where we both continued to sob and laugh and hold each other.

That was when I heard the ‘click click click’ of a photographer – I turned and my best friend Gabi was hiding in the bushes, capturing our moment! After taking the happiest photos of my life, Humberto said there were still more surprises to come. We drove back to LA, and he surprised me with reservations to Otium, a gorgeous restaurant in Downtown LA. I loved getting to have that dinner together to relish in our moment, not to mention the free champagne and caviar that the amazing chefs at Otium sent out! The surprises didn’t stop there – after we ate, we took a Lyft to Harlow in West Hollywood, where we were greeted with a huge “SURPRISE!” Both of our families had flown out to celebrate, and all of our friends were there – let’s just say there were many more happy tears from everyone. My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much, and I can’t wait for the adventure to continue as we begin this new chapter in our relationship!

Special Thanks

Gabi Milo
 | Photographer