Brenna and Dustin

how we met

Dustin and I met at Camp Kennybrook, a sleepaway camp in Monticello, NY. However, we really became friends over video chat during the off season. We talked pretty much every night for two years prior to dating – with no romantic intentions. I’m not exactly sure what changed. Overtime, it was clear how much we cared about each other, so we decided to give dating a shot. That was nine years ago, so I guess things worked out.

how they asked

Dustin and I headed to Lake George for a weekend getaway early Friday morning. That Saturday, I had a massage scheduled for 9am. After the massage, I got back to the hotel room and Dustin was missing. I found a tablet in the middle of the room with a video of Dustin saying to meet him in the lobby at noon.

When I entered the lobby, Dustin was still nowhere to be seen. Instead, I found one of our best friends waiting to give me an envelope. It was the first of five clues for a scavenger hunt to find Dustin. Each clue led me to a special location around Lake George, with a different family member or friend waiting to give me my next clue.

The scavenger hunt ended when I found Dustin on a beautifully decorated island in the middle of the lake. Pictures of us hung from every tree and lanterns were carefully placed to form a path guiding me to Dustin. There he stood on a wooden stage in the middle of an island ready to get down on one knee. It felt like it was something out of the Bachelor, but so much better.

After Dustin proposed, he pulled out a tablet with another video. This time, it was all of my other family and friends who weren’t able to be there in person, congratulating us on our engagement.

Once we got back from the island, Dustin led me to a romantically lit restaurant where everyone from my journey throughout the day was waiting for us. There were tears, toasts, and hugs all around.

The surprises didn’t stop there, later at dinner, Dustin announced that he has been working on a podcast for the last seven months called Project Propose. The podcast details all of the behind the scenes for what it takes to plan such a special day. He is releasing one episode every Sunday up until my birthday, October 27th, where he will then premiere the engagement video on YouTube.

The link to Project Propose, the podcast that contains all of the behind-the-scenes proposal details can be found here!