Brenna and Christopher

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How We Met:When I was a freshmen in high school, Christopher was a senior and had a level 1 culinary course with my sister. They had become friends that fall and I did not meet him until the spring of 2010 after one of my sister softball games for the school. We had never really talked while he and my sister had become closer and then in January 2012, Christopher has left for bootcamp. We had begin to talk more, little conversations here and there about how we were. We were both in relationship by this point, but we liked having each other to talk.

In June of 2012, Christopher had come home for training and we grew closer. I was going through a rough break up and he was just there for me, he wasn’t the person to ask how I was everyday, he just continued to keep an everyday conversation going by talking about everything other then my break up and that made me feel good. In October 2012, Christopher and I admitted we had feelings for each other and started hanging out more. On October 21st, it was Christopher’s 21st birthday and we shared our first kiss. Then on the 30th, we had become a couple.

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how they asked: I had started the fall semester at the University of Delaware Tuesday September 1st. Christopher had told me during the week that he was selected to be the “Honor a hero” at the first football game of the 2015 season seeing as he was deployed during the end 2013 until the summer of 2014. He doesn’t like being put on the spot in front of crowds so I told him I would go out there with me if I was able but either way I would be at the game for him and he asked and was told it would be okay. As a couple, we had talked about his proposal and marriage throughout the week beforehand, Christopher had made it seem like it would be a while away.

So on September 4, I got up like any other morning to go to work, did my two hour shift that ended at 11, as I waited to hear from Christopher as he was suppose to meet with the Manager of the Blue Hens Sports Marketing team. I ended up doing homework and took a nap before I heard from Chris that was on his way to the university around 2 pm. I hadn’t noticed but as Christopher made his way to the University, the skies become very cloudy and just before he made it to dorm, it had begin to rain. Right as I walked out of my dorm, it had begun to pour which I jokingly made that comment that the game would get cancelled.

Just as we made it to the stadium, the rain had wore off and the sun began to shine again. We meet the Manager, got our tickets for the game and parking pass around 4 pm and the game didn’t start until 7. We learned that he wouldn’t have to be on the field that long, only about a 1 minute of the announcement and then some photos. So we left the stadium and Christopher went to get a hair cut since he had to put his uniform on later. We stopped at a WAWA because I was starving but Christopher was nervous that he wasn’t really hungry. I just thought his nerves were about being in front of people. So we made our way back to the stadium to find our parking spot.

I have never really been into to sports, so I wasn’t too thrilled about the evening. However, we only had to stay for the first quarter as he was introduced during the 1st and 2nd quarters of the game. We found our seats and sat there for like an hour before the game had started. Christopher had left to put his uniform on as the game started which the stands had filled, especially the student section. That had made him more nervous when he came back to the stands. With 10 minutes left in the first quarter, Christopher got a message to meet the manager, and we made our way to the side line of the field.

We had meet the one sponsor for the evening, Horizon Services, Inc. As we waited for the quarter to end, Christopher kept being pulled away by manager, I never understood why. Just seemed like they were discussing the way things were going to progress. As we stood there, Christopher began to tell me that he hopes I have fast reflexes and I was like why, he told me, I’m going to hand you something. I didn’t quite understand, he said that if was going to be a wreath of flowers as he would be presented with a University of Delaware jersey by the Athletic Director.

The quarter had ended and we made our way onto the field. Of Course the Sports Marketing team had cameras and photographers in every direction. The announcer mentioned who Christopher was and where he was deployed. Then mentioned he was receiving a jersey then it was over, or so I thought.

As the crowd applauded, Christopher let go of the jersey and with the ring already in hand, he dropped to one knee and I was surprised as it was the last thing I was expecting him to do.

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He began to ask me to marry him and I didn’t even let him finish the question before saying Yes.

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We were congratulated by the a bunch a people as we made our way off the field as Christopher told me he had another surprise for me. As we made our way to the concessions, a few of his closest friends had come up for the event.

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He told me that my mother and sister where working and my dad was making excuses about coming up which I wasn’t so shocked about. His friends were all so happy and supportive as they have been throughout our entire relationship. We decided to go out to dinner to TGI Fridays as Christopher has eaten all day. We spent a lot of time there were we kept getting congratulation messages as Christopher had posted the news on Facebook.

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We spent the rest of weekend just the two of us, as my roommate had went home for the weekend so we spent the next day mostly laying in my room, watching tv, me doing some homework then went to a baseball game and spent another night together before the weekend was over.

Throughout the week, we still got congratulated as one of Christopher’s co-workers was at the game that evening and went home and emailed everyone in his department about our happy engagement.

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We couldn’t be happier about our engagement !!!

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