Brenna and Alex

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How We Met

We met while studying at the University of Miami. I was getting a Master in Architecture and he was there for a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. Ironically, Hiwot, a girl in my class, introduced us as she had met Alex’s brother out one night while he was visiting from France. That’s how she and Alex became friends, and she brought him to a friend’s Halloween party in 2013. It was too funny because he didn’t speak to me the whole night because he thought I was with my friend Adam who was posting the party! After the party he asked Hiwot if Adam and I were together and she just rolled her eyes at him. He asked her for my phone number a day or two later and the rest is history!

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how they asked

It was wonderful! We had been looking at rings for a couple of months. When we went back to Birmingham (where I’m originally from) for Thanksgiving I went with my mom and friend to a Levy’s Fine Jewelry, a jewelry store in downtown Birmingham that specializes in estate jewelry. I tried on a bunch of things but didn’t see anything that stole my heart.

When Christmas came around and Alex’s mom came to visit from France, we packed up the car and drove down to Birmingham for the holidays. The Monday before New Year’s we all went to Levy’s again; my mom, his mom, he, and I. We were there for about a hour trying on different things and just when we were thinking we’d have to keep on looking Joseph, who was helping us, pulled this beautiful ring with a diamond center and emerald and diamond halo out of the case. When I put it on my finger I started getting all hot and flustered. Alex looked at me and said, “Are you ok? You’re all red in the face!” “It’s the ring!” I said. We actually had to rush out of the store as we had some other appointments to keep, but promised we’d be back the following day to look at it again.

So, the following day we went back. I tried it on again, and still loved it just as much as I had the day before. Alex then proceeded to shoo me out of the store. But when they all came out Alex just said to me, “You know, I think I’m going to wait a bit and put some more money on the side…” I couldn’t be mad at him for that, I completely understood.

But… I was being duped! I came to find out that Wednesday when I went to breakfast with a friend, everyone snuck down to Levy’s so he could purchase it in secret!

We had plans to go to The Club, a dining club in Birmingham that overlooks all of downtown. We were sitting there with my parents and his mother after having finished our dinner and Alex pulls out my iPad on which he had this whole comic he had sketched about our past year together and why 2016 was going to be even better. At the end of the sketches, he pulled out that classic velvet box and I squealed! And of course, it was that gorgeous ring we had picked out earlier that week. We had the people we loved with us and it made for such an emotional, unforgettable moment.

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