Brenda and Tyler

Proposal Ideas Ladner, British Columbia

How We Met

We met in high school and we have been together ever since.

How They Asked

Tyler and I usually take the boat out in Ladner to go water skiing. He wanted to have a picnic on the boat that day, which wasn’t out of character for him, so I agreed. We were on the water, relaxing when Tyler asked if I wanted to drive the boat to a different location to have our picnic. I was ecstatic. The reason why: Four years ago, I was going for a ski with Tyler and his dad when they let me take control of the wheel. After a few minutes, they stopped paying attention to me driving and I continued driving the boat until it suddenly stopped. I had beached the boat onto a sandbar…it took over an hour for Tyler and his dad to push the boat back into open water. Since then, they have never let me drive or live down that day.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ladner, British Columbia

So when Tyler asked if I wanted to drive the boat for the first time since that incident, he didn’t have to ask me twice. Tyler directed me where to go – I wasn’t really paying attention since I was over the moon about getting back into the driver’s seat. Navigating down one of our skiing channels, I saw a white sign from afar. I couldn’t make out what the sign said and figured it was probably a sign asking boat drivers to slow down. As we moved closer to one of the signs, I made out the words “Will you” and still, I remembered thinking “That’s cute, I wonder who made those.” As we moved even closer to the signs, I saw my name and the second sign, which said “MARRY ME?” and started screaming “oh my god”, “shut the f*** up” and everything else in between. I think I hopped out of the seat with the boat still moving forward. Tyler then told me to go towards the back of the boat, where he got down on one knee.

I am so lucky to have spent the last 9 years with such an incredible person. I could not be happier about marrying my high school sweetheart.”