Brenda and Josef

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How We Met

Josef and I met Way back when we were 13, at his cousin’s birthday party. I was never a girl looking for a guy to talk to, clearly not at that age. However, things changed the moment I saw him. He had me head over heals, just like in the movies. Now keeping in mind I was 13, I had not the slightest clue how to talk to a boy! I actually just stared at him all night. Not a world. But as months went by, we saw each other at more events, and we finally began talking.

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It was a summer birthday when we connected and talked all night and learned to really know each other and find out we had so much in common and that he wasn’t just cut, he was cool too! haha. That’s the day I was dreaming of for months! Short after that did our relationship start. Only to know that one day I’d be marrying my first love, my first kiss.

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how they asked

Ah, so a few weeks prior, Josef told me his friend wanted to take photos of us for fun (like he has before, so I thought nothing of it). Of course, I said that I would love to. So Josef that we’d make a day out of it. Ah, so in the morning he took us canoeing to Dead Lake. For all the years we were dating, it was always my dream to go canoeing with him and this was the perfect day he decided to do it. It had to have been one of the most peaceful things I have ever done. Afterward, we went up a hike to where we’d have a picnic and take photos afterward. Once we reached the destination, it was magical. A field of tall grass and flowers. A dream, right? Once we were finished with our food, his friend came to take the photos.

So as we were going photos, they suggested a trust fall. I just thought “That’s random but hey why not.” We do one round and then the photographer said “it wasn’t good enough” so we need to retry. With my back facing him, I was waiting for him to be ready, but instead he asked me to turn around. I turn around only to find him on one knee and he asked me to marry him! It took about ten minutes to even tell him yes because I was just crying and crying. And I mean that ugly cry too.

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Through the years, there were so many ways I imagined Josef proposing and nothing was close to this. And really, I wouldn’t have had it any better. It was the most beautiful and perfect experience of our lives.

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