Brenda and Christian

How We Met

Christian and I met at Texas A&M University. He was a counselor in my camp when I was a freshmen and I immediately set my eyes on him. It is a tradition to be as goofy as you can be at camp. Christian had blue hair, a piercing on his right eyebrow and was wearing a silly outfit. I don’t know what it was about him but I immediately got the butterflies in my stomach. Time went by and we eventually became a couple. We had such a beautiful relationship! We dated for almost two years before he proposed.

how they asked

Christian and I had been talking about getting married for quite some time. We knew very early on in our relationship that we were meant for each other. I was anxiously waiting for his proposal for several months, knowing it would (hopefully) be soon. Little did I know that he had been planning it all for a while. One day he told me his new boss invited him out to a picnic the company was having. I said it sounded like fun and it would give me an opportunity to meet his new coworkers. We arrived to a beautiful garden park in Houston for the supposed picnic. As soon as we stepped in, a photographer stopped us and asked if she could take several pictures of us. She said she was trying to start a photography business and she wanted to build her portfolio. I jumped on the opportunity for free pictures. Little did I know that she was acting and that christian had already made arrangements with her. She took us in front of a beautiful waterfall and asked us to pose for a picture. Before I knew it, the love of my life was down on one knee asking if he could spend the rest of my life with me. I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Candace Townsend
 | Memories in Motion