Brenda and Alvaro

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How We Met – alvaro

We met at work, both of our teams had a meeting and as we were waiting for everyone to arrive to the hall we started to talk, she was a little rude at first and I was just trying to be friendly with no further intentions. A couple months later we talked a bit more and we started a friendship, time passed and that beautiful friendship turned into a relationship, but back in that room that day never crossed our minds that we would be the love of our lives.

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How We Met – brenda

We met at work, on November 2014 to be exactly. He was in IT Department and I was in Customer service department. His team were doing tests for a new platform that they were working on for a long time and I was selected for do the test before they published. I was lost ’cause I didn’t know where they were to perform the platform tests, so I found him in a hallway and I asked him. He was so friendly and the truth I was really direct and indifferent. He was a friend of one of my best friends so, you can imagine. We had our first team date and then he invited me to another date and then another, and then another… in fact at the beginning I was not interested, I jus liked him because he was and remains very gentlemanly, attentive, friendly, thoughtful, mature and very good friend but those feeling of “friends” became something more special because Alvaro really made me feel a different, happy, free, beautiful, funny and unique woman. After 5 months of dates, dinners, wine, work out together, laughs and a lot of love, sincerity, we became a couple. And today have been the most wonderful 15 months of my life.

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how they asked – brenda

It was the most beautiful, magical and lovely moment in my life. It was at Bacalar lagoon, Quintana Roo, one of the most beautiful place in the world. He prepared this surprise with my best friends for almost a month (I think) everything started with a “girls road trip” we went to Bacalar just as a road trip with my friends, obviously they knew the surprise (they were part of it). Alvaro told me that he had a lot of problems in his job and he was going to work that Saturday starting at 6 am, I was really worried for him and I don’t like to see him stressed out. I went to work on Saturday and my friends picked me up at 2 pm. When we arrived to Bacalar, we went for something to dinner, in that moment my friends changed their clothes and I didn’t understand why they got the same dress. It felt a little embarrassed but I didn’t mind too mucho, then we went to the house we rented, it was so beautiful. When the owner of the house opened the door to see the pier overlooking the lagoon, I saw a lot of candles, lights, the beautiful lagoon, the pier, and a lot of people…

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I was scared and I did not want to walk to the pier, I had not recognized Alvaro yet. Then I started to walk to the pier and our song started to play (is this love from whitesnake) and a lot of flashes started, I was walking on the pier and then he stepped out in front and big letters that said “MARRY ME” lit, I started to cry it was the most beautiful moment, feeling, and marriage proposal than I would have imagined, he kneeled down and asked me “Brenda, would you like to be my wife?”

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I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was crying, I was scared, I was in shock. He put a beautiful ring in my finger I was so nervous so I began to tremble and then I said YES. All our friends started yelling, clapping, the musicians began to sing our song stronger, the videographer was filming everything and the photographers were capturing the best moments of the July 23rd 2016. It was the most beautiful moment in all my life.

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how they asked – alvaro

I planned the proposal with her closest friends for almost 2 months, everything had to be perfect. She thought they were going on a road trip to Bacalar in Mexico’s southern. I lied telling her that I was too busy at work so I couldn’t talked to her that morning nor say goodbay, but I was actually going to Bacalar to start setting the proposal site on a wooden dock on the lagoon. She arrived and she did not know what was happening, when she start walking to me our song started to play, she didn’t recognize me in the darkness so I stepped back and the lights showed me, she approached to me and I kneeled down to ask her if she grant me the honor to be my wife and forever be my birdie.

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Special Thanks

Ramiro Gongora
 | photographer