Brei and Geoffrey

How We Met

I used to tell him, “Hi” every day that I saw him since our first encounter our Freshman Year. I wouldn’t even call ourselves friends, we didn’t have any classes together but we always had mutual friends.

It wasn’t until our Senior year in High School that we started to hang out, we kept meeting each other at parties, athletics meets, and one day he asked if I could give him a ride to soccer practice.

What should have been a simple drive down the road, ended up being the beginning of a new journey.

I started being his main ride, and the 9 minutes it required to get from point A to Point B were some of the best moments of my life. It didn’t matter what we talked about, all that mattered was who I was talking too. It wasn’t until he invited me to actually watch one of his games.

He said he’d score a goal for me. He points at me in the crowd and as he had said, He scores!

I think I melted that day. I was a puddle in the crowd, and I knew at that moment that I wanted to say more to him than just, “Hi.”

How They Asked

We were in Japan. I had mentioned this historical Landmark and how it was my main focus while we were in Osaka. You could practically see the Castle from our AirBnB!!

We had been in Japan for 9/10 Days. We had done everything from visiting the Aquarium, eating everything we could in sight, we had even spent a day at Universal Studio Japan.

It wasn’t until our last day in Japan, and we finally made our way to the Osaka Castle. We were on a bridge, and he kept stopping us to take photos. I’m usually really into it, but I really just wanted to reach the Castle. He asked me to face the water, and that he promised that this was going to be the best photo, so I went with it.

I must have been standing there for 2-3 minutes. Finally, he was done with his photo session. When I turned around, he was already on his knees.

He had been kneeling in the very middle of the bridge, and I must have jumped 3 feet to meet him. To top it all off, it was February 14, Valentines Day and soon after I said Yes, it started to Snow.

Special Thanks

Derek Feliciano
 | Videographer
 | Photographer