Breegan and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I have known each other since high school, but didn’t really get to know each other till after college. It started out with him becoming my health coach and personal trainer… little did I know he would not only lead me to finding my passion with helping others and their fitness goals, but that he’d become my best friend, fiance, and soon to be husband.

how they asked

Soooooo… I basically planned my own engagement, but had NO idea that the man of my dreams would be asking me to marry him. I decided to plan a photoshoot for us to update our photos. His cousin is an amazing photographer, so we discussed it with her and planned out all the details. She also mentioned that she wanted a videographer there to capture the behind the scenes so she could use that as a good marketing tool for her upcoming website. I thought it was a great idea! Prior to the shoot, On May 12th, 2017, I decided to treat myself with getting my hair done, make up done, and lashes done! I figured why not treat myself for this shoot….. which all worked out considering I was about to be engaged!! SO later that day we all met at Bolsa Chica Beach and started shooting. Everything was going perfectly. His cousin Nea was there shooting us and Nate, the videographer was working his magic getting all the BTS shots. We worked our way down the beach and to the boardwalk. As we were on the boardwalk we were approaching this new restaurant, called Sea Legs At The Beach. We stopped right in front of it to get a few last shots before calling it a day. The next thing I knew, as I was facing Zach I turned to Nea to ask her what she wanted me to do and Zach then drops to one knee and asks me to marry him. I dropped down to my knees, looked over to my right and all of our friends and families came out from the restaurant and were able to witness this beautiful moment with us. A moment I will never forget and always cherish. I finally get to marry the man of my dreams!!!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Nea Nabayan
 | Photographer
Nate Javier
 | Videographer