Breeanna and Thomas

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How We Met

I met Thomas in high school and I remember looking at him one day at the same eyes glance and getting the warmest chill down my body, knowing he was my soulmate. I won prom when for my high school with my boyfriend that time and guess who was runner up? Thomas! Well we ended up in the long run :-) It’s funny how life works and putting people into your lives at the wrong and right times! I can’t wait to spend forever with my best friend, lovey, soulmate and adventure partner! It’s still all a dream to me….. 09.30.18<3

how they asked

We live on lake Winnipesuakee and one day I came home and his sister told me she was coming to visit and wanting to take fall foliage photos because she lives in NYC. We went across the street to my neighbours dock where I always go to watch the sunset and read books, even’s my favorite spot! This day wasn’t the best for a sunset though, which was fine:) His sister parted one way and we did too and he said this line 3 times, “things don’t always end up like we want them too, but we always have each other.(he wanted to have the sunset perfect for this moment) I didn’t care of course… “Breeanna you’re my best friend, soulmate and I could imagine life without you.” And he went on and I went numb and finally understood what he was doing! (While our 1 year old yellow lab was taunting us and dropping the tennis ball on our feet haha)

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He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Without even putting the ring on I jumped right into his arms and said yes, I was in shock!!! Then all of a sudden Thomas and his sister, Lauren shouted “we have to!!” and took my hand and ran across the street to our house…I was in such confusion! Meanwhile… there’s a airplane at the dock waiting to pick Thomas and I up to fly around the lake we fell in love at, Lake Winnipesaukee.

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He had a bottle of Perrier-Jouet sparkling rose waiting before we went on and I was in complete awe of happiness. This was all a dream to me until we landed on the water and I saw all of our closest friends on the dock to celebrate the night away.

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Special Thanks

Lauren Olivier
 | Photographer
Samantha Tomacchio
 | Planning
Morgan Ridzon
 | Planning