Breeanna and Steven

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How We Met

I met ‘Coach’ Steve at CrossFit J Town in April of 2015. I always thought he was handsome & of course the ‘best’ coach but never anything more. At that time our lives were in two different places – I don’t even ever recall making a pass at each other. This all changed at my first CrossFit ‘throw-down’ September of 2015. Steve took the first picture of me ‘in action’ during the throw-down. He came up to me after to show me, and then we exchanged numbers so he could send it to me. This truly was where it all began whether we were ready for it or not. A few messages were exchanged here & there and the crush began. The looks, the smiles, the snap-chats…… Mutual friends of ours from the gym started to pick up on this attraction and were team #breeve before we even knew it existed. It didn’t take long until we decided to go on a JUST FRIENDS DATE. Repeatedly saying “we’re just friends getting lunch”. After being just friends, having a delicious lunch at Cuban Pete’s – Steve asked if he could kiss me. I’m so happy I said yes. With lives ups & downs for both of us – there was a consistent mutual ‘agreement’ to remain friends. Friends, who went on dates, laughed so hard, sat in car parking lots for hours, coffee dates, multiple car bombs, hours of endless conversation and many shared pizza pies. Our friendship quickly evolved to love. We don’t have an ‘anniversary date’ and can’t think of the time we knew we loved each other. We both just know this is everything that everyone waits their whole life for. We found it. Everyday over & over again, we have it. January of 2016 an unexpected opportunity came up for Steve to rent a house. It made me so nervous- but at the same time was everything we needed. Our home is full of love, Wesley has a yard to play in, we have a couch to hang on, a warm bed at night, awesome neighbors – and the chance to make memories everyday as a family at Staten Trail! I’ll never forget talking to Steve on one of my lunch breaks when we knew it was time to make our decision – were we committing to each other and riding this relationship into the sunset or what?!?! Here we are today….. on our way to the sunset.

how they asked

‘Stay a Little Longer’ Wow – our proposal though. Kristyn invited the gals & our hunnys to a charity ‘paint & sip’ event that would be held at the Warwick Valley Winery, November 26, 2016 @ 7PM. Steve would be off of work this weekend so I had her count us in! On that very day around 3PM Steve gets a call that there’s an emergency, they need him at work. I was disappointed but I understood – work is work. He left the house in a rush, apologizing over & over again. But promised he’d meet me there. Steve always keeps his promises. Shortly after I texted Kristyn & asked her if I could drive with her & Tom. Of course she said yes – and to come a little early so we could have a drink & chat a little before we went to the winery. I pulled myself together and headed to the Connors! Upon arrival, Tom was a tad sluggish as a result of his 10 year high school reunion the night before. Having being a victim of a hangover myself…. We thought maybe we should go get a redbull & vodka before the paint & sip. (I know, very shocking for us) I remember being a little concerned with our time – saying ‘we’re never going to make it there by 7PM if we make a pit spot”. Kristyn’s response – “it’s fine I didn’t want Drea to be late so I told everyone it starts at 7PM but really it doesn’t start until 7:30PM”. Thank god we stopped for that drink. We walked into the tasting room at the winery & all the girls were there, waiting on us. The lady poured us some cider then asked if we could please find seats in the next room, she was going to play a clip before started painting. My heart skips a beat writing this story. About 20 seconds into the video….. it hit me. The tears flowed as sat with my closet friends watching an amazing video Steve made for us. I turn my head to look for Steve – I don’t see him but I then realized there are more people there than just the girls. Our parents, our brothers and their girlfriends, my very special aunt & uncle and some of our closet friends from Jtown were watching this video along with me. If hearts can explode…… mine did. At the end of the video, Steve got down on one knee asked “will you marry me”. I fought through my tears but didn’t hesitate for one second to say “YES”!

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