Bree and Tommy | Proposal in Italy

Our love story:
Our romance has been easy, comfortable, and sweet. I think it’s pretty spectacular that we grew up in the same small town (at neighboring high schools in Jackson, MI), with many similar social circles, and shared hobbies, but never actually met until just the right time in life where we could complement each other perfectly. We met at our local sushi bar with the push of mutual friends. It was Mexico’s Independence Day and I had painted a green, white, and red stripe onto all of my 3rd grade students’ cheeks as well as my own. In the rush to make it to our weeknight date, I hadn’t cleaned off my face. After about ten minutes of polite chatter in the dim restaurant, Tommy asked if I had face paint on my cheeks. I reached up with a hand and felt the colorful streak, thought, “Oh shoot,” in my mind, then shrugged with a laugh and explained the holiday festivity. Tommy says, when I didn’t rush to the bathroom in horror, that was when “he knew.”

For Tommy it was love at first sight, but I took a little longer to come around from friendship to courtship. So, my family owns a bakery in our town. Tommy would come in every Friday to take donuts to his office and one of those Friday’s happened to be Halloween. He came into the bakery just like any other Friday without thinking. Standing at the counter, he looked down and realized he was wearing a head-to-toe chicken costume. Embarrassed, he considered turning around, but figured he was already inside. I came out from the back and realized any guy who was confident enough to wear a chicken suit into work on Halloween would definitely give me a lifetime of laughs. Our lives are never boring.
how they asked
We traveled to Italy this April with two of our closest friends. On the 5th night of our trip we had an amazing dinner in Florence. Afterwards, we were walking down cobblestoned streets, lit by store windows and street lamps. We stopped at the river and Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence. Our friends started walking across the bridge, but I Tommy and I lagged a bit, looking out over the aged stones, determined to take a picture of the beautiful twilight scene. There wasn’t a lot of light so it was taking a bit of time for me to focus my camera. As the camera workings moved, a gorgeous gold halo came into focus from the darkness. I was so surprised, the strap around my neck was my camera’s lifeline. Tommy was down on one knee then (my boy who can confidently wear a chicken suit as an adult was trembling) and said, “I want to go everywhere with you, and I don’t want to see anything without you. Will you marry me?”

Our friends were sprinting back over the bridge and grabbed my camera from me to take some pictures from across the street. Those photos are absolutely priceless to me and the ones below are our amazing engagement photos taken by Bobbi+Mike!

Photos by Bobbi+Mike – a husband & wife wedding and portrait photo team based in Indianapolis.
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