Bree and Tanvir

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How We Met

We met on a dating app called, Dil Mil. A couple of months before we met, I was at a bachelorette in NYC celebrating my best friend. I arrived a day later than everyone else, and when I landed in NYC my friends suggested going out with a group of guys they met the night prior with one of whom they wanted me to meet. I shut down the idea because we were celebrating my friend and didn’t want to overshadow her weekend.

Tanvir and I had our first date in Oakland at a popular ramen spot called Marufuku. On the day of our first date, I was flying back to San Francisco from San Diego and wasn’t sure how much energy I would have for the date. Tanvir suggested 3 options for food and activities based on the level of energy I would have. The date which was just supposed to be dinner ended up with us in each other’s company til 4 am.

From that day I tried to spend any time I could with Tanvir. Fast forward a couple of months, I was in San Francisco with the same group of girls from the Bachelorette, and Tanvir decided to stop by and say hi when my friend recognized him and asked how we met. When I told her, she exclaimed that they met Tanvir that night in New York and it was him they were going to introduce me to.

The universe is amazing.

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How They Asked

Tanvir and I would often joke around about wedding proposals, with him saying “why do men always propose to women? Men would also like a proposal. Not that I wouldn’t propose to you, but maybe I would like to be asked.” Perhaps the most iconic marriage tradition occurs during the engagement: the groom-to-be gets down on one knee and asks his female partner to be his wife. This is a classic scene, likely originating back in the time of knights and dames. Of course, anybody getting engaged today could tell you that this tradition is no longer universal.

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Not only is there same-sex marriage equality to celebrate, but there is also evidence of some opposite-sex couples reversing the norms of these traditions as well. Knot did a survey of 3,160 heterosexual American men in June 2020 to ask them their thoughts on being proposed to. The first survey question was, “How would you feel if your girlfriend proposed to you?”Overall, 60.79% of men reported that they’d be thrilled! So needless to say, I decided to follow through on the challenge, even though Tanvir might have meant it as a joke. So I decided I go big and give him the proposal I would have wanted for myself. The most common question I’ve been asked is why London? Well, Tanvir’s favorite cousin @tajknows lives in London and I thought what better way to surprise him than having part of his closest family around. Hope you enjoy it!

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