Bree and Scott

How We Met

Our story starts back in January 2017 when I (Bree) was ushering at First Presbyterian Church. It was my first time and I had forgotten my cue to go gather the offering and someone had to come get me. Being flustered, I stood in the back when church was over and tried to blend in as much as possible.

To my surprise, a handsome (and young!) person came up to me and said he was new in town and asked to get coffee. He wanted to learn about what kind of activities the church offered to young people. Thinking I wasn’t the person for this task, I asked if he wanted to talk to a minister instead. Being persistent and realizing I wasn’t “getting it”, he kindly said no and said he wanted to learn from a young person’s perspective. Thinking quickly, I knew I wouldn’t want to get up early before work for coffee so I asked if he wouldn’t mind Happy Hour instead and to no surprise, Scott was totally fine with that. Our first outing was at Liberty Brewery at Broadway at the Beach.

How they asked

The proposal on July 3, 2018 was a total surprise! Scott had said we would go ring shopping so I was patiently (kinda) waiting for that day to come. Last summer, we had a fun date night riding the Ferris Wheel at Broadway at the Beach. Scott told me that he met the manager of the wheel working Real Estate one day and he invited us to come shoot a promotional video for them. I was given the date and told to look nice for the camera.

That night, we went to grab dinner at one of our favorites, Carolina Roadhouse. It was business as usual sitting at the bar and ordering our “regulars”. After dinner, Scott played a new playlist in the car on the way over to the shoot, I didn’t think anything of it since he’s always playing new songs.

When we got there, I could see he was a little fidgety. Thinking it was the video shoot, I didn’t worry about it. We got our tickets and got in line for the ride. All of a sudden, the SAME playlist of songs started playing which included “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars and “Sugar” by Maroon 5. Being still in the dark, I was so shocked that they came on in the order we had just heard them in the car.

When we got on and about half way up, he got out a small box and got on one knee (which was impressive in a small ferris wheel gondola) and proposed! I was so excited and cried and was happy and shocked.. basically all of the feelings! We rode around a few times with the staff peeking in every time we got to the bottom. No shoot was scheduled but we did make their Facebook page!

Afterward, Scott wanted to have a celebratory drink at our first date spot at Liberty Brewery. As soon as we walked in, I was once again surprised by family! Both sets of our parents and his sister and husband were there to congratulate us! We watched the fireworks outside and I truly felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Special Thanks

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