Bree and Sam

how we met

Sam and I met at my sister’s wedding. We kept exchanging glances the whole night and then at the very end he came up and introduced himself, and asked me to dance.

how they asked

The proposal was hilarious. It was the day before Thanksgiving at the Cape at my family cape house. Sam had planned to proposal in the afternoon at the beach, with both my parent’s there. But my dad (who is the only human still without a cell phone) didn’t show up til 5 pm right before sunset. In the end it actually made it all the more while. Sam proposed on Heights Beach right at sunset. I can’t remember if I actually said yes – I just remember laughing a lot and being pretty much in shock. To make it even better on our walk home a stranger drove by and asked if we just got engaged. He ended up being at the beach taking pictures and had caught the proposal from a distance and ended up sending us the picture.

Special Thanks

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