Bree and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met in high school when we were both 16. He had a crush on me for years, but I always had him in the friend zone (oops haha 😂). He was in photography classes with me and we hung out a lot, he quickly became one of my closest friends. I had a huge crush on him on/off (which I later realized was always on) and really enjoyed being around him. He always made me laugh and was there when I needed him. We ended up going to the same university together, Washington State University (GO COUGS!!), and I finally realized during the beginning of our freshman year how much I cared for him and he cared for me. We started to date and now here we are, just 2 kids madly in love.

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How They Asked

Ryan, me, and my family were at the Gorge for Watershed Festival 2019. It was day 1 and we were down in front of the stage near the end of the mosh pit. My mom had me hugged to her side and the concert had started, we were singing and dancing along. Ryan was standing behind me and I felt him hold something up and everyone kept telling me not to look behind me, which made me nervous 😂 Little did I know that he was holding a poster that asked me to marry him. He was holding the sign for what felt like YEARS but was like 5 minutes haha.

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He was trying to get the cameras to see it so that it would show up on the big screen. The crowd around us started to take photos, videos, and yell at the stage to focus on the sign he was holding. At this point, I started to guess what was happening haha. Finally, the singer saw the sign and shouted “Oh my god, we have a proposal here!” and the cameras focused on the sign and put it up on the big screen.

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I turned around to Ryan on his knee, holding a ring and asking me to marry him. In the background, I could hear the singer shouting “Wow WOW what a beautiful place to get married, congratulations folks!”. The crowd around us was cheering and gave me and Ryan drinks haha. He pulled out shirts that said “She said yes” and, “He said yes” that we wore around the festival. He is SO CUTE!

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