Bree and Mikey

How We Met

We met on the top of Mauna Kea August 2009. The finish line of a bike race was being taken down, I was the first female to finish so had spent the last hour or so celebrating and enjoying post-race soups and snacks. As the event wrapped up we began to make our way back down the mountain in trucks. I saw Mikey coming up and begged the crew to stop for him, we did, I ran out and threw my hands in the air cheering him on, told him we’d go back to the top for him. As soon as he finished I embraced him in a hug and asked for a picture as I believe it’s a much more challenging day to be last, suffering alone, than up front and winning.

He knew who I was as I was a local pro triathlete in town, I didn’t know who he was but I was instantly in awe of his grit and grace. So very humble and kind. We began to spend time together here and there training or sharing meals. I was falling in love, he said he’d been in love long before actually meeting me. He lived on one side of the island though and I lived on the other.

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Over time we began to date other people and go about our own ways but always keeping in touch. About 5 years later he moved to my side of the island and we would see each other more often. Another year later and both single I tried to set him up with a friend because I’d discovered just what a great man he is. Little did I know that would eventually crush me. The two didn’t work out and our lives ran parallel once again while training for a 50k.

This time around it was another mutual friend trying to set him up, I did everything I could to get in the way then finally gave up when it felt as if he didn’t see me as I see him. But life got tricky as I truly cared for him beyond just friends. After a 20 mile run together, we both looked different to each other and I finally confessed. All along and before I’d felt anything he was wanting to share time, life with me but all too intimidated to ask or talk to me about it. For years he held that secret but once it was out we were unstoppable in the blending of our lives. 14 months later he asked me to marry him…

how they asked

We met up to go for a run just like an ordinary day. We had no plan other than 12 miles through Green Sands beach. Everything felt as it always does to people who love each other spending time together on the island we got home. While chatting about life and love and how we got to where we are by overcoming the obstacles we had run through he got down on one knee.

Like I said he had no plan, so out of the blue he whips up a story about how he’s not a planner but knows that if he waits to make a plan he may not ever get it right and then he might miss an opportunity like he missed many years ago by not asking me out.

So he asked if after a run we could drive back to town get a ring and get married. It was a simple as that. No plan but there we were once again in our sweaty workout clothes just the way we had met. I said yes and from there We went immediately to buy a wedding ring.