Bree and Mattie

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How We Met

Mattie and I met in Hinge, during quarantine, a time most would assume isn’t ideal to meet someone, let alone start dating. However, from the first texts messages to the first date, Mattie showed me that he was unlike any man I have ever met. Mattie would listen to every word, story, hobby, and interest that came out of my mouth and write it in his notes on his phone so he would never forget. He would surprise me with a favorite glass of wine or snack when I would come over. I always wondered how he remembered or knew it was a fave of mine because most of the time I didn’t even remember talking about it. He would write me a note every morning before he left for work. The very first note he wrote me was folded up and hiding in my purse. I was so shocked to find a handsome, tatted, and a buff 28-year-old man who actually wrote love notes, that I took a picture and sent it to my mom and girls. Since our very first date, Mattie has been a planner, super romantic, thoughtful, and extremely over the top. The world was shut down, so we got pretty creative when it came to dates (and by we, I mean Mattie). He found ways to have fun and get to know each other at home. Every date was elaborate and planned to the T. He really should make a book on date ideas! From paint and wine night with Bob Ross to blindfolded pie making, to a pop-up movie theatre with rip-off ticket stubs in the backyard, he did it all! But more extra than anything, he celebrated every single month of dating. On the 20th of each month, he designed a special card, date night, and a gift, just to show me how much he loved me! Little did I know, he had plans of this proposal on our one month of dating. On the one-month anniversary, we got a little tipsy and I am still not sure whose idea it was, but we thought we should write a letter to each other and read it on our one-year anniversary. We went to different parts of the house and wrote it. I remember saying my handwriting was so bad and I didn’t know what to write, he laughed and said the same thing… BUT he was lying and he had a plan all along. This night was the night he would write the letter I would read during the proposal.

How They Asked

On June 10, 2021, I went to happy hour with a coworker. She talked me into getting drinks before Mattie and I would leave for Maui (we were leaving in two days). After happy hour, I came home, assuming Mattie and I would finish packing for our trip and go to bed early…that is not what he had in mind. I walked into our house to our songs playing, candles and rose petals covering every surface, pictures of every adventure we have taken, and of course every note Mattie has ever written me. Then I saw my favorite photographer, videographer, and friend (who is a wedding planner) hiding behind the couch.

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At that moment, I lost it! It was happening! I followed the rose petals to the backyard and to a single sealed note that said “BREE” and instructions to open it. This was the note Mattie wrote on our first month of dating, 07/20/2020, and to sum it up, it read: “Tonight is our one month dating anniversary, I know to most people this isn’t a big deal but for us it is!” He went on to talk about how he fell in love with me and why he knows I am the one. Then he ended it with, “You are the one, I know it now and in one year you’ll see how much of a planner I really am! It’s always been you! Turn around!”At that moment, I turned the paper over🤦🏼‍♀️then I realized he meant to turn my body around. When I did, he was down on one knee.

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Mattie, I don’t remember what you said, but what I do remember is saying “YES” 3 times before you finished talking and jumping into your arms and smacking foreheads. The details he put into that day, and the planning he has been doing for almost 1 year, is one I will never stop! Mattie is the absolute love of my life and I literally feel like I am living a fairytale each and every day with him.

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