Bree and Mario

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How We Met

We’re just coming up on 2 years, but this proposal is long overdue honestly. I knew I wanted to marry her as soon as we met. For her, not so much. Lots of selling and convincing were required on my part! But not me. I was waiting for her. And in 10 minutes into our date, I recognized what I had stayed patient for. Things are easy to recognize when you’ve spent time truly envisioning, praying, and detailing what you want. Sounds common sense, but I really think that’s one of the people’s biggest problems. They never spend time specifically outlining their life. Including their spouse, their future, or even just their day. We’re very reactive, and just take things as they come. As opposed to being proactive.

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To plan our day, so we don’t just feel busy but never productive. We move from job to job, never really feeling accomplished. And jump from relationship to relationship, never filling the void.. And I say all this to provide context. You have to have a destination before your trip. Especially the most important journey, called life. Know what you want, know what you won’t settle for, and believe you’re absolutely deserving of it. OK, well that’s the deeper stuff. Here’s some fluff. We met in a magical place. But a place I didn’t want to be, a place called 🐝Bumble. I persisted, she “friend-zoned” me. I wasn’t having it. I persisted some more and here we are. And that’s the short of it. But it’s always the details in between that makes us fall in love right.

The little things we don’t even know are happening sometimes. Yes, some are actually very apparent, they’re those things you look for. and others, we just can’t explain. That’s why it’s so common when people struggle with the question, “what do you love about them” or “what made you fall”. It’s not that simple or black and white. It’s that part of us that knows the feeling but can’t describe. It’s the intangibles. The part of you that forces someone to watch a recording you have of your favorite concert, knowing they won’t reciprocate your excitement. You can’t transfer your emotion and no matter how well you describe it they weren’t there to feel the beat. And that’s what you became to me, baby. Something I couldn’t escape yet couldn’t explain. Especially once Kaleb got involved. He’s been through it all with me, and I still remember how excited he was when he found out about you.

Then how excited you both were to finally meet. But mostly how anxious I was. I knew if he met you he’d fall for you too. And the thought of watching him get hurt again scared me. What you became to me was enough to think about forever. Watching how close you two became was my confirmation. He’s always been so loving and affectionate. Finding someone who gave it back so easily meant everything to me. I can’t tell you what you mean to me. I can only spend the rest of my life hoping to show you. To try and make you see yourself as I do. As the world does. I want you forever and ever. To love and annoy. For better or worse. And even though I’ve already known these things, the build-up to this proposal was nerve-racking! I can’t thank you enough for the support group I had. So cheers 🥂 to us princess peach. My Tennessee whiskey, my strawberry wine. Forever and ever, Te Amó pequeña

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How They Asked

Mario told Bree they were wine tasting but Mario had a secret! They checked in at Briar Rose Winery and we’re lead to a table in the back. As Bree and Mario came around the corner she was greeted with a lace teepee, pillows, blankets, candles, Rose’s, flowers, fairy lights, and her favorite type of wine Rose’. As Mario got down on one knee, Bree’s entire family popped out of the trees to congratulate them both. Everyone cried tears of joy because she said YES!

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Special Thanks

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Meagan Armstrong
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Briar Rose Winery
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