Bree and Kris

How We Met

We met at church. I had seen him around a lot, but I didn’t know anything about him other than his name. One evening, I was waiting outside one of the church’s classrooms because my older sister was in there, but when it let out, Kris came out before my sister did. He was with a friend and since I was used to being overlooked, I expected them to walk around me. However, to my surprise, Kris instead walked straight up to me, hugged me, and picked me up. He must have done this exact thing to my older sister, because when he set me back down, he exclaimed, “Hey, you’re lighter than your sister!” Considering I was only 15 at the time, that came as no surprise to me, but he certainly left an impression.

One thing I really loved about our relationship, even just as friends, was how much we would reference shows that we liked; Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly. For a couple years, we both helped out at the church youth group, and his best friend Scott was the youth minister. He hadn’t watched any of those shows and didn’t want to, so whenever Kris referenced them, Scott would dramatically pretend to be offended. I quickly caught on to the fact that Scott actually enjoyed being tormented, so I would begin doing the same thing, and before long, we were doing it together, bouncing off each other. It was this that really encouraged my crush on him.When we started dating, it was actually kind of challenging figuring out what activities we could do together. We knew what kind of shows each other liked, but we didn’t want to spend all our time together watching TV shows. Although, a lot of our dates were watching a movie in theaters because we usually couldn’t think of anything else.One thing that’s really stuck with us, though, is a local pottery studio. When he took me on one of our dates because he knew I loved it, it was his first time there. But because his father makes pottery, it was something he was familiar with, and even now, we make it a point to go once a month.

how they asked

We had talked about marriage several months before he actually proposed. It got to the point in our relationship where I felt like we should either take the next step or stop dating. To me, dating is about getting to know someone and I had gotten to know him well enough that I had decided I wanted to marry him. What I basically told him was that if he didn’t want to marry me, then I didn’t see much of a point in our continued dating. But I told him just as a way of letting him know rather than “choose right now”. This was in February, and he did tell me then that he had decided he wanted to marry me in the first month of our dating (around mid-December), but he just didn’t feel financially secure enough to fairly ask me to marry him yet. I’m pretty sure that was more of an answer than I was expecting, because my only intention was to let him know what I was thinking on the subject.

The proposal came in June, on his birthday. At this point, I knew he had the ring and my parents’ permission. I guessed correctly when he had asked permission in May because that same day, he was asking them if he could take me up to Idaho to meet his grandparents. He texted me afterwards saying “Your dad said yes” and I couldn’t resist asking “About the trip, or about marrying me?” I didn’t really expect the answer to be both! Because I knew that he had permission, he ended up telling me when he both ordered and received the ring, but he wouldn’t let me see it, which is just how I liked it anyway.

I had requested his birthday off at my job a month or so before his actual birthday because I really wanted to plan something great. However, when the day arrived, I was pretty upset at myself for not coming up with anything and Kris calmed me down by suggesting we hike up on the Grand Mesa, since I had told him I wanted to hike, but it was really too hot to be hiking. The Mesa would be cooler. That morning, there was a voice in my head telling me over and over that he was definitely going to propose that day! But I kept shoving it down because “he wouldn’t propose on his birthday.”

As we were walking around on of the lakes, he started telling me about how, whenever people would ask him what he wanted for his birthday, he would always tell them really expensive things just to mess with them because what he really wanted was what no one could give him, and that was someone to love. At this point, my heart was pounding. That was when he got on one knee and said (in reference to a Nickelodeon show we both enjoy), “Bree, will you do the thing with me forever?” As cheesy as it was, my heart melted and I just hugged him. When he stood up, my feet were almost off the ground, because I had hugged him when he was lower down, so my arms were around his neck. I think that was when I started laughing. I was definitely very giggly the rest of the day.

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