Bree and Jeremy

Image 1 of Bree and Jeremy

On Saturday July 4, Jer and I decided to go on a hike. We have long wanted to hike up to Joffre Lakes, and so finally we made set plans to actually go do it. The first lake is right at the base of the mountain and just gives a small preview of the beauty to come, and so we excitedly made our way to the second lake. The hike up was challenging. It was one of those hikes that are all up hill and since it was also 34C degrees out – I was struggling to get myself up the hill. The combination of the steep incline and hot sun made me lose a bit of faith in my fitness level. I may have complained a few too many times as we slowly made our way along the trail. As I whined, Jeremy kept reminding me that it would all be worthwhile once we made it to the top. And he was right, as we reached the end of the climb and I looked out at the unbelievably blue lake I felt so thrilled and happy that I had pushed through and made it to the top.

Once we reached the second lake, we were feeling a bit more energetic. The incredible view has reenergized us and so we decided to hike up to the third lake. At the third azure blue lake we decided to stop and sit down for a bit of lunch. And this is where it all happened. We had only been able to grab selfie photos of us all day so Jer decided to ask someone to take our photo. Jeremy kept asking for other poses, and at a certain point I started feeling badly for our spur of the moment photographer. So, while I apologized to the photographer, Jeremy settled into the final pose. I turned around to see him down on one knee and my hands immediately flew up over my mouth. To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the century. I was shocked, and honestly – after that I barely remember a thing. I had to literally ask for a re-cap my new fiancé himself. Oh so I guess that answers that too – I said YES!

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Image 3 of Bree and Jeremy

It was such a perfect moment, in such a beautiful place, and I still can’t believe that I get to marry the man that I’ve been so in love with for the last 6 years. The idea of spending my life with my best friend is just too exciting for me to even put into words.