Bree and Eric


How We Met

Eric and I met playing softball in 2013. We started talking and he asked me out a few times but would always cancel on me! Even though I wasn’t happy that he bailed, I knew that he was doing it because he was nervous, and so, we continued to talk. I knew very early on that there was something special about him.

Finally, in 2015, he invited me to dinner and followed through! We have been together ever since and often joke that had he not cancelled on me for 2 years that we would already be married!

how they asked

Saturday morning Eric and I walked our dog Boo to the beach, as we often do. We had seen a caricature artist a few weeks ago and talked about how we wanted one – so when we saw the artist again, we figured why not, let’s do it. We sat there for 30 minutes or so and the artist asked if we were ready to see it. As he turned our paper around, I excitedly say “awesome!” followed by a sharp “wait what?!” the drawing was of Eric down on one knee with a chat bubble asking “will you marry me?”  – and suddenly Eric stood up, our parents and photographers ran out from their hiding spots and he proposed!

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To say I was surprised is a drastic understatement. I was overwhelmed with joy, but it didn’t stop there. Eric had planned for a videographer to capture the entire thing! Checkout the video here!

Our Video

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