Bree and Bobby

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How We Met

We met surfing out at a spot we both worked at. We would catch each other’s eye for the next three years before he got the courage to ask me on a date.

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how they asked

how they asked was very special for me. The thing that made it was so special and personal is the ring he made for me. Here’s some background to the ring. I was learning how to solder jewelry and my mentor offered to help my boyfriend make a ring. And that was that. I wasn’t allowed to ask about it. My input didn’t matter. As long as he could make a ring with the material I had (gold and raw/uncut diamonds) then I would be happy.

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For months he worked in the studio on it as we kept dating and getting to know each other. There was actually a point he was thinking of proposing in Big Sur on a road trip but the diamond hadn’t yet been placed.

Months go by and after a long day of work we both get together for much needed time together and I was HANGRY. Food was the first thing on my mind and he let me choose where we went. I wanted a Thai food picnic on the beach so we decided to try a new Thai food truck. Getting out of the car I went to grab the blanket but he rushed to pick it up. That’s when I started to notice he was acting a little strange. But I dismissed it as he didn’t want me carrying stuff because he was such a gentleman haha.

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So we sit down for dinner and after he had me walk along the shore for a photo. As I was waiting for him to take a photo (just looking down and walking back and forth), I look up and the phone was gone. Little did I know he just let our friends and family know he was about to propose to me! He had taken a photo, and posted all in 30 seconds unknown to my knowledge.
So we are sitting enjoying our sunset and talking about our day. I made it hard for him because I was sitting on his lap talking when he tried moving out from underneath me while nervously starting a “speech”. He just talked about taking care of me and all this other lovey dovey stuff I don’t remember because I knew what was coming. The rest of my life with Bobby was coming. A ring made by him. A gift crafted with his hands and his love. His personality and creativity molded into a beautiful gold piece of jewelry that I get to wear for the rest of my life. I was so giddy just grinning ear to ear waiting for him to pull out the ring. And let me tell you, I was beyond stunned and stoked when I saw what was in his hands. Something I have never seen before and something I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting a tiny raw diamond in weak prongs on a gold band. But what he made me fit me perfectly and I couldn’t imagine anything different. I am not one for big “bulky” jewelry but this one is unlike anything else. Honestly, this ring is my most prized material possession on this earth. This gift means so much to both of us and I will treasure it forever.

The ring is raw, and natural and imperfectly perfect. Comparable to our relationship and the way we love each other.

We met surfing, fell in love surfing and always know the ocean is the place to go to come together.

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I remember the day he proposed we had planned to go for a surf but got busy with work. So coming back for dinner with him was much needed after missing him all day. Then he proposed making my life a bit sweeter. I remember for the next hour he let me gawk at the ring he made me, while I let him tell me all the trails and blessings that he encountered while crafting the ring.

Two months later I was at the work bench making his wedding band which matched the underside of my ring: two gold bands bound together. My “how they asked”, is exactly how I wanted it to be. Personal, secluded and the most peaceful decision I ever made. Saying yes to this adventure of life with Bobby is something I will always be grateful for. Thank you Bobby for showing me all your love.

Special Thanks

Heather Goodman