BreckLee and Daxson

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Powder Mountain Ski Resort

How We Met

Dax and I actually met through Facebook 4 years ago, I know, us crazy millennials. I added him on Facebook because we had mutual friends and I thought he was cute. I poked him through Facebook a month later on his birthday and he surprisingly messaged me. He took me on our first date that next week and the rest is history!

how they asked

Every Fall Dax and I go look at the leaves changing up at Powder Mountain Ski Resort. I had been begging him to go for the last 2 weeks and he just kept saying “We have to give it time for the leaves to actually change” He finally agreed to take me on Friday October 6th. The whole way up there, I kept thinking “This is the night he is going to propose, I just know it.” We had looked at rings back in April but I told he couldn’t propose until after my cousin got married in August. So I knew/hoped it would be coming. When we got up to Powder Mountain none of the leaves had changed.. I was so bummed. We decided to drive around and we found a trail and started following it. We kept stopping and I kept thinking, “Okay now would be a great time to do it”, but he wanted to keep walking. We started walking down this road and we saw a cool looking archway that someone had built. It looked like it had sunken and it was in the shape of a heart. We took some pictures in front of it and then he looked at me and said, “We need to talk about something serious.” Dax and I joke around all the time and so I jokingly said, “Oh what? Are you breaking up with me?” And he said back, “Actually yes, I am breaking up with you as my girlfriend because I want to make you my fiance.” He pulled out the ring and got down on one knee and I didn’t even give him a chance to talk before I yelled “YES!” There was nobody around, just the two of us and it was the best.

Where to Propose in Powder Mountain Ski Resort