Breathtaking Scottish Highland Proposal

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How we met: Connor Shavers and I actually went to elementary and middle school together. We were only two grades apart, but boys and girls still had cooties so we never interacted with each other. I changed schools when I entered high school so I didn’t see him until a few years later. At the end of my sophomore year of high school we had senior night at our church for the graduating seniors. Connor was graduating and I was the waiter assigned to his family’s table. I didn’t sign up to be a waiter, I was just helping out so I left as quickly as possible without ever really introducing myself to him. I never thought in a million years that I would have a chance with him! Later that night I got a text from Connor and we went on our first date later that week. After our first date, I knew I had met someone special. We haven’t looked back since!

Fast forward four and half years….

how they asked: This christmas we had decided that we wanted to travel to Scotland and Ireland. We had been saving our money for a while and we were so excited to explore new places and enjoy each other for two weeks! We also agreed that we were not going to do Christmas presents this year because our trip was going to be our present. As we left Oklahoma, I had no idea that my life was about to become 100,000x brighter. After we got to our hotel the first night in Edinburgh, Scotland, he told me that he had gotten me a christmas present! He said that he had arranged a photographer to come pick us up in the morning and take us to Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. His excuse was that we were in too beautiful of a place to not get professional pictures of us while we were there. He was pretty convincing because I’ve been asking for couples pictures for a while now and it was the most opportune moment to take them. I mean how can you argue with that?! The next morning we got ready and headed downstairs where our photographers, The Kitcheners, greeted us. They drove us 2 hours out into the middle of the Scottish wilderness to the most beautiful and vast place I had ever seen. It was like a dream world.

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We walked around and took some pictures, which come to find out was just an excuse for Connor and the photographers to secretly scout out the perfect spot for him to ask me to marry him. After exploring for a while, Connor finally found the perfect spot. We were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and rolling white plains, miles from the nearest person. It was like we were placed into some fairytale winter wonderland.

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Connor had one of the photographers tell us to hug and close our eyes so that he could take closeup pictures of us while handing off the engagement ring to Connor.

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That was when I realized that Connor was hugging me with one arm! I immediately asked, “Where is your other arm?!” He got super teary eyed and started to shake.

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It took me the entire proposal to figure out what was going on! He asked me, “Are you ready for your second present?” Then he got down on one knee and opened the most perfect ring in the entire world. He asked me to marry him and I happily accepted!!

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We spent the rest of the day enjoying each other while taking our engagement pictures. Taking our engagement pictures right after the proposal made the photoshoot so much more comfortable and exciting because we were both so overwhelmed with happiness. After some fish and chips from a hole in the wall restaurant and a long drive back to the hotel, we departed from our new photographer friends. When we got back to our room Connor asked me, “Are you ready for your third present?” I was so confused because we promised not to give gifts this year and now he was on his third gift! Come to find out, his third gift was something that he had been working on for several years. He opened his laptop and to my surprise was an amazing collection of candid videos set to some of our favorite songs. I didn’t know we had so much footage together of so many precious moments. After some joyful tears and hugs we decided to grab a late engagement dinner to celebrate! We decided to be spontaneous and randomly eat at an Indian restaurant we spotted across from our hotel. It was funny to think that our engagement celebration dinner was eaten at a tiny Indian restaurant instead of some five star steakhouse. It made the day more ‘us’ and funny and that is what I love about our relationship. We decided to wait and tell our friends (of course we did tell our parents) until we returned from our trip so that we could enjoy spending the next two weeks together engaged and in total bliss.

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Photos by The Kitcheners