This Proposal in Iceland Will Take Your Breath Away

Image 1 of Brittany and Isaac

how we met – isaac

Before I start, I would like to say I’m not much of a writer… I like to tell stories through pictures so basically all the pictures that you see, were taken by me with a tripod. Now let’s start from the beginning. While I was in high school, I briefly remember Brittany from switching in between classes or during lunch. I always thought she was cute but apparently she doesn’t remember me at all. Oh well, I guess I didn’t leave that great of an impression in high school…

A few years later, we both had to move back to our hometown because of a series of unfortunate events. I remember going to the coffee shop she worked at and having a few client meetings while I was building my photography business. She was always really outgoing and told me she really liked the photos I took. One day I decided to take my friend Kinzie (who was actually a mutual friend of Brittany’s) to a rad spot I liked to shoot at. Kinzie, said we should invite Britt! During the car ride, Britt and I had some really long conversations about anything and everything. She was just really easy and fun to talk to. For some reason, I had felt a huge draw to her and I wanted her love. It was almost like I already knew I wanted her to be in my life forever before even realizing it for myself.

After some time had passed, I started to give her hints that I liked her but she politely told me she wasn’t interested and wasn’t planning on staying in this town for that much longer. Even though that was really hard to hear, it didn’t change the fact that I knew I wanted to be with her. So I was persistent. Through a lot of time and effort, she finally decided to give me a shot. YES! So we began to date.

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We both loved to travel and hike so I would always bring my camera along to try to take pictures of her. But then I realized she refused to show her face because she was camera shy. A great example of what I’m talking about is on my Instagram or website (), you will see that I kinda started a set of photographs that were of her in awesome locations but she was always facing away.

Image 3 of Brittany and Isaac

Just like she was camera shy, she started off very reserved with her feelings as well but since then, I have experienced the unfolding of the most incredible women I have ever met. Even though we see each other basically every single day, whenever I leave to go to work, I always miss her. She just started getting into photography so we are both always down for an adventure and keep each other inspired. Which is exactly what I need in my life! I’m so blessed to be able to say I’ve found the person that I am truly meant for.

Image 4 of Brittany and Isaac

how we met – Brittany

I met Isaac when I had to move from San Diego, CA to my childhood town Sequim, WA. I was becoming a bit depressed having to move back home but luckily I landed a quick job as a barista with my best friend Michelle at a local coffee shop. It was then, and there, that I FIRST met Isaac. He would come in occasionally and order a tea and always was very shy and quiet. I told Michelle right then, that I wanted to crack him. A few weeks later he came in and I even remember looking at Michelle and giving her that look like “I’m going to make him talk.” So he comes up and orders an apple cider and quietly and with courtesy laughs with me. He then proceeds to move down and wait for his silence. After about 10 minutes I notice he is still there but with no drink. We instantly made eye contact and I remembered I had totally forgot to make his drink! I apologized and then told him ‘I did it on purpose to make him hang out with us longer’ Everyone in the coffee shop laughed but him.

Image 5 of Brittany and Isaac

One month later: I didn’t see Isaac until later through a mutual friend who he was close with that had us all hang out and go for a adventure to Vance Creek Bridge which was about 2 hours away. He was infamous for finding this spot, so i was very excited to see this ‘hidden bridge’(this was a few years ago). At first I was a little shy because he was a photographer and had his camera all up in my bubble. I didn’t see much that day because I was constantly covering my face so he wouldn’t take pictures of me. Ending this adventure I remember sitting up front and talking nonstop with him about literally EVERYTHING and anything we could come up with.. While I knew the connection was there, I still did not think anything of it. We didn’t see each other after that for a couple weeks.

A couple weeks later: During my slight celebration stage of coping with just moving back home, him and I would hang out here and there through mutual friends but not consistently. He was always so persistent on asking to hang out with me and each time I would politely find an excuse that I could not. I had no idea what my plan was or if I was even going to stay in Washington. This continued for.. lets say 3 weeks? and he was STILL persistent which was so shocking especially after how many excuses I would come up with. I ended up hanging out with him again, in which we would play card games (especially speed) as I am still undefeated. We would also hang out with mutual friends often and he was always SO smart, TOO smart in fact. He had an answer for everything, always a creative idea for us to do, an adventure to go on. We would always go on adventures and find spots to see the Milky Way because this man is obsessed with the Milky Way and stars and everything you can’t see in the day. Over time we had continued to fall more and more for each other. It was one night we had stayed at a friends house after having a game night and slept on the living room floor. He fell asleep, mouth breathing and all and for some reason at this exact moment in time looking at him I fell in love. He was anything but ordinary and I adored him and his passion and drive for learning anything he could teach himself.

Image 6 of Brittany and Isaac

Although I thought my story was going to be a little dull, reliving these moments in my mind made me smile especially as him and I are both at Les Schwab trying to summarize an era so innocent and fresh to us. I thought it would be hard to write to you all about how we met because nothing was planned, yet everything fell into place exactly as it should have.

how they asked – isaac

While we were adventuring our way through Iceland, I asked Brittany a question I’ve had to hold in for quite sometime. I’ve known since day one that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I knew this would be a trip we could never forget. The best part of all of that is… I’m pretty sure she said yes! I can’t even remember, I was so nervous. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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The reason behind the dress. We were going to do a set with this dress in landscapes that we found beautiful in Iceland. So this time, I told her to go get on the dress! I setup my tripod and then told her to stand up on the edge of the cliff while I set a timer on my camera. Then I walked up to her and proposed. Boom.

Image 11 of Brittany and Isaac

Image 12 of Brittany and Isaac

how they asked – brittany

I could not be more excited about this engagement.. I have never been so proud to look at a man that I admire and respect so much and call him my fiancé. It is the most surreal emotion I have ever felt and I am so happy for anyone else thats gets to experience such a beautiful moment. Love is so powerful and we all deserve it.

Special Thanks

Isaac Gautschi
 | photographer