Breast Cancer Patient Gets Emotional Surprise Pre-Surgery

How we met: Brittany and I met through a mutual friend from her work. We talked the first night we met for four hours and I just fell in love with her! We have been together for just over 9 months, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was already planning on proposing, but the time just felt right to do it sooner!


On May 16th, Brittany was diagnosed with breast cancer – she is 26 years old. Everything moved so fast and surgery was scheduled shortly after for May 30th. With the support of her friends and family, we planned a surprise pre-surgery party for her. I was able to keep the secret that I was going to propose from almost everyone except her mom, my mom, and her sisters, and in the middle of the party, I slipped away, changed into a pink shirt and a pink tie, and came back to get on one knee.

She said yes, everything went great at the party, and she is doing great recovering!