Breanne and Chris

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How We Met

I was working at a Coffee shop back in college and he would come in all the time, we never really spoke more then him ordering coffee and talking about the day. I was studying Fine Arts and Art Education at the time, after two years due to budget cuts, my program was unfortunately cut. Already having three jobs a dog and going to school full time I was not ready to make a move somewhere else to finish out that path. I deiced to take a leap of faith and try the department closest to me, which was Technology, Art and Design it was the beginning of my Junior year. I kept seeing him on campus at random times of the day and we would see eachother. But one day in particular I made eye contact with him leaving the library and I just felt like he was someone I knew, deeply connected. I didn’t understand how I could feel that way to a stranger.

I wanted to find out more about the program so I spoke to a professor of mine and she said “you should join Design Guild! Do you know who Chris Rotondo is?” “No, but I will try and contact him” … A few days goes by, I go on Facebook to find out who this person is and get a name to a face. I type in Chris Rotondo, hit enter. Bam. There he was. The guy from the coffee shop that I was swooning over. I panicked. Called my sister and my best friend told them what was going on and they told me to message him about Design Guild, despite having the hots for him and keep it professional. So I messaged him, telling him I would like to know more about this industry and so I’d like to join Design Guild, but working so much I am not sure how I will be able to make it to meeting. I lef it at that,He messaged me a week later, “sorry I was on a rock climbing trip at the North Shore, lets grab coffee? I hate facebook so here’s my number.” I read it. Froze. Waited a few days to keep my cool, even tho I wanted to call him right away! I texted him, and we agreed to meet for Coffee one night after I got off of work. We sat there for four hours talking nothing about Design Guild, but life itself, with out even getting up or having a cup of coffee. We go on our way, and a few days go by and I go to one of my design classes and there he is again. But, now TEACHING my class. I got so shy and flustered I couldn’t pay attention. After class he saw me leaving and asked me to come sledding with him and his friends the coming weekend. I agreed, and here we are five years later. Engaged to be married. <3

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how they asked

Chris and I and our crazy connections and intertwining relationships we have in life led us into the world of custom build Motorcycles. Cafe Racers to be exact. We have been apart of the community since 2015 and have loved it from the start. Chris has a ’76 Honda CB 500 that he restored and modified, once that was done he surprised me with my very own motorcycle. But this wasn’t an ordinary motorcycle. This motorcycle was left outside against a young sapling 30 years ago and left. The motorcycle and tree grew together over those 30 years and became one. This tree needed to be removed, and so did the motorcycle. a chainsaw and $70 later she was ours. A rusty old ’76 Honda CL350 Scrambler

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We have spent the last year completely rebuilding this motorcycle from the ground up, literally! We rebuilt the engine, sandblasted, powder coated, welded, designed, fabricated, sourced every piece of this bike on our own with help from the shop we are apart of called The Moto Collective. The Moto Collective is a community based garage in Minneapolis who has stations you can rent out for Moto enthusiast to do as your heart desires in your space with your motorcycle. Chris and I took this opportunity to our fullest advantage and spent countless hours, blood, sweat, tears to get my bike completed by the end of the year event, Motosota. Chris kicked me off the project a month before this event “because he wanted it to be a surprise” which I wasn’t so on board with at the time since we’ve done everything together since day one on this bike. The Day arrived, October 7th. A brisk fall morning, we went about it like any other morning but were going to the shop by 9:30 to see my bike in person before we put her on display at the show. On our way there, Chris pulls out a blind fold made of the same material as my seat.

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Asks me to put it on, and no peeking! We park, he helps me out and we walk over and we stop. He pulls it off and there we stood under a beautiful tree, with my bike to see for the first time. Completed. It was emotional, we both were tearing up. She’s so unbelievably beautiful, and unique. She fits me like a glove. We embraced. I tell him “What a fun surprise, I can’t believe it she is beautiful!” Chris goes to say, “I have another surprise for you.” I turn as he is kneeling down on one knee. All I could say is “are you serious!? Really?! Really?!” as I am kneeling down to meet him. He says “yes, please stand up!” I couldn’t believe it, Ive been waiting for this moment, when you know you know. And from the first day, I knew it was him. My twin flame, my soul mate, my best friend, my partner in crime. Of Course I said YES! He kept the bike as a secret from me because he custom engraved what will be my new initials on my emblems.

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Special Thanks

Doug Lanz
 | Photographer