Breanne and Aaron

How We Met

I don’t remember exactly when or where Aaron and I met because it feels like we have been friends forever. We met sometime in 6th grade through mutual friends at school. We were friends for about a year then we decided to “date” (or whatever you would call it in middle school) but it didn’t last long. After that very short time we decided to just be friends. That didn’t last very long because we “dated” again (still not sure what to call it when you’re in middle school) in 8th grade until the fall of our freshman year of high school. After the break up we still saw each other a lot because we had mutual friends and were both involved in Young Life. We were broken up for about a year and a half before we realized that being together is better. That lead to us starting to date again the summer before our junior year of high school, July 5th 2012. We are now seniors and college and have been dating for over 5 years! It’s been a long road full of break ups, growing up, long distance and learning but it’s been an incredible journey.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Dayton Art Institute

^ Our first picture together in 8th grade

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Dayton Art Institute

^ Freshman year homecoming dance

Where to Propose in The Dayton Art Institute

^ Senior year getting asked to homecoming at Aaron’s soccer game

Breanne's Proposal in The Dayton Art Institute

^ Junior year of college at a friend’s wedding

how they asked

I went to work like any normal day. I interned for Aaron’s mom at The Dayton Art Institute so when she asked me to come help work an event I though nothing of it. When I showed up his mom acted completely normal and gave me tasks to do to keep me busy. I actually ended up getting stuff ready for my own engagement party without knowing it! She had to keep giving me more and more tasks to do because Aaron kept telling her to stall. Once we finished everything we went upstairs to the room the event was supposed to be in. When we walked into the room music was playing and all the sudden I saw Aaron walking towards me. I immediately knew what was happening when I saw him but I didn’t know how to react so I said “Hey! What’s up?”

He took my hand and lead me over to a display that was set up in the room. This display was 3 picture frames that he made himself full of pictures from our relationship in chronological order. We got to talk through all of the pictures together and reminisce on all of the fun memories we have. Once we got to the end of the pictures he said “and that has lead us to this point…” He started telling me how much he loves me (I honestly couldn’t focus on what he was saying) then he asked “Breanne Nicole Geyer, will you marry me?” and I couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough. After letting it sink in for a minute he said “Are you ready to see everyone?” and I said “What do you mean everyone??” It was such a surprise. Both of our families and all of our friends were there to celebrate this special moment with us. It truly was one of the best days of my life.

Special Thanks

Jake Rank