Breanna and William

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How We Met

We met at the toy store where we both worked. He was the funny joker, and I was the shy new girl. I would come up with any excuse to get him to talk to me, and he could probably tell. We started hanging out and he started bringing me milkshakes as way of flirting. It wasn’t long before I asked him out, we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

We were throwing a small Eclipse party at his grandparents house, with us, his grandparents, and his best friend. We’d been talking about marriage for a while so I knew it wouldn’t be long before he asked, but I had no idea it would such a once in lifetime moment. He waited until totality hit and then got down on one knee, told me he loved me beyond the stars and the heavens, and asked me to be his wife. It was a beautiful pearl ring and an unforgettable moment.

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