Breanna and Uriel

We arrived at our friends Christmas party to music playing. It was hot in her apartment though because we live in Florida and this year it’s even more hot than usual. But we sit our stuff down and begin to relax. I ask him what he wants and grab him a plate and fill it with snacks and then I make my own plate. We walk over to their table and eat our snacks and talk to our friend Bree, her siblings, and some friends. After we finish our snacks Bree and her siblings pull out a game for us to play. The game is called “Things”. I played the last time I was at her house but he never played before so it was funny to see his reaction when I knew it was him that wrote something. We played for awhile and then decided to switch games. In the middle of switching games Bree hands Uriel this box that he said has his charger in it. He opens the box and there is this small ring box shaped gift inside with blue wrapping paper. He hands me the smaller box and I rip off the wrapping paper. I see the blue ring box and slowly open it. As I’m taking the ring out he grabs it out my hand and gets on one knee. I yell for him to shut up and get off the floor (hahahaha). He says “Will you marry me?” and I say “YES” and he slides the ring on my finger.

Image 1 of Breanna and Uriel