Breanna and Tanner

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How We Met

Tanner was two grades older than me and was friends with my friend group, however, I knew who he was, but have never hung out with him or met him formally. It took for me to have a silly tweet about basketball on my twitter and he commented something sarcastic, without ever meeting me in person! So of course I replied and was sarcastic back and ever since that conversation we haven’t stopped talking! This was the first picture we took together in 2014, about a week later our friend Sarah had a party and that’s the first time we met formally. I felt like I’ve known him my entire life after spending just a couple of hours with him.

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How They Asked

My roommate Amy and I planned for a week in advance to go to La Jolla Cliffs to watch the sunset, she insisted on driving and leading the way. As I was planning to just watch the sunset on the cliff she insisted that we hike down to the beach. I almost didn’t because I was wearing a sundress and sandals but did anyway.

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I’m following her lead down the beach and in the distance I saw tiki torches and rose petals set up. I instantly thought someone just got married there! But as I walked closer I realized there were pictures of Tanner and I set up and realized what was happening!

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I was so caught off-guard because he lives in Burbank California about 2.5 hours away. The best part was he knew I would be surprised and I rarely get my nails done, so he had my roommate Amy up a box of those fake acrylics and bring them, so we could put them on and have them in the pictures!!

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It was so perfect.

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