Breanna and Sean

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How We Met

My first memory of Sean was of him playing the Super Mario Bros. and Star Wars Themes during an impromptu flute performance at their dorm building’s common room. Sean first remembered seeing me working a poster for the dorm’s annual trip to Cha For Tea, while passing through the common room one day. We met not too long after these first impressions.

One night we both happened to be working on some homework in the common room. I was in dire need of some headphones and access to a Netflix account to watch a Netflix documentary on Charles Manson. Sean just so happened to have both the headphones and access to Netflix! (And was so eagerly willing to run to his room and offer it to Breanna (; ) This sparked the first time we got to have a conversation and the start of a beautiful friendship

Over the next few months, we became close friends. We had study breaks, dining hall meals, and movie nights in the common room. Eventually we went on our first date November 17, 2012. Went to Downtown Disney, made a Build-A-Bear together, got some Haagen Dazs, and began to take in the nightly firework show. Immediately after the fireworks, it began to rain! Being the are cheesy romantics that we both are, we couldn’t help but share our first kiss after the fireworks-rain combo. It was the most magical night of my life! (So far…)

On January 20, 2013, Sean and I finally got to see each other after our winter break apart. Sean took me out to enjoy some Cold Stone for the first time, and to catch the sunset from the Seal Beach Pier. After sharing another picture-perfect moment together, Sean asked me to be his girlfriend. I obviously said yes, and it was the best decision ever!

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how they asked

Sean had told me he knew he was ready to marry me for a long time. He spent months looking for the perfect rimg and just as long planning the perfect day. I woke up to flowers and breakfast and we headed to build-a-bear, as an ode to out first date. He also took me to CSULB and the dorm building where we met and became a couple.

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And Sean not only wanted to show me how much he cared about me, but how much my friends cared about me too. Sean recruited some of my closest friends to assist with many of the various trips for the engagement to make sure they were all part of their day. Sean had my oldest friend to take me to get my nails done and my first friend in college take me to get cold stones in Seal Beach (Where Sean asked me to be his girlfriend)!

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One big part of this day was Sean’s inspiration from all of my sweet gestures over the years. Early on in their relationship, I wrote Sean a series of letters to open after reaching various relationship milestones. The letters included such titles as,”Open After Our First Anniversary” and “Open After We Move In Together”. Sean decided to write me a series of his own letters to open up on the day he proposed. The letters titled, “Open After You Get to Downtown Disney”, “Open After You Get to CSULB”, “Open After You Get to Seal Beach”, and “Open Once You’re at the Huntington Beach Pier”.

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We eventually ended up at the Huntington Beach Pier, in the city we had been livining together and where we had begun building our life together. Before I could even finish the last letter, it finally clicked as to what this day was all about. I began to cry and Sean got down on one knee. Again, I obviously said YES! And planning a wedding with my best friend has been the greatest journey!

Special Thanks

Viki Lopez
 | Photographer
Roxanne Escalante
 | Planning
Natalie Ollen
 | Planning