Breanna and Richard

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How We Met

Richard and I met on Facebook. He popped up on “people you may know” and I scrolled by thinking “wow, he is so handsome but I don’t know him.” Again the next day, there his profile was, every time I scrolled by “people you may know” his profile was the first one there. I don’t generally add people I don’t know but something drew me into his profile so I hit “add friend”. Shortly after, he accepted my friend request and a few days later he sent me a message. I think the message was something simple such as “Hey, what’s up” and again, I said to myself “I don’t know him” so I did not reply and I closed out of the message. A few days later he sent me another message joking around saying why I would add him but not reply to his message. At that point, I was like “well, it doesn’t hurt to message him back”. He lived two hours away from me and we had no mutual friends. Throughout talking, we mentioned meeting up soon. He invited me to his hunting camp for a get-together and I reluctantly agreed knowing I would have to drive 2 hours away to meet someone I have never even heard of. But I took the chance, got in my car, and drove 2 hours away not knowing what to expect. It was truly the best decision I ever made. We instantly clicked, there was no awkwardness, and talking to one another came so naturally. That was the start of forever for us.

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How They Asked

The Coronavirus Pandemic was taking a toll on many of us. I was working from home full time and going to school virtually full time. I am used to being busy and out of the house from 7 am until 8 pm. It was a huge change for me to be inside the house for most of the day. Richard knew I was struggling and that this change was taking a toll on my mental health. He has always been so supportive about taking a break when needed or practicing self-care to promote healthier mental health. He requested that we go on a four-wheeler ride to get out of the house and do something fun. I agreed that the four-wheeler ride sounded like a great idea but the last minute I asked for a rain check due to work overload with school finals approaching. Saturday, April 18th, Richard and his seven-year-old son, TJ, went to his hunting camp to do some work around there and told me “get your homework done and when we get home we are going to go on a hike”. I did as much homework as I could before I had a mental breakdown from the stress of finals, working from home, and being cooped up in the house.

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He came home and talked me through it, giving me so much love and support. He could not advocate enough on how healthy it would be to get outside, get exercise, and fresh air. He got me up and moving, and ready to hike. Richard, Tj, and I hiked to the top of Silver Lake Mountain which is close to where we live. We got to the top and Richard asked Tj to take a photo of him and me with the view in the background.

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I gave Tj my phone and walked to where the picture spot would be. Richard stayed by Tj and switched the phone to video mode instead of photo mode. I thought he was just adjusting the camera to make sure he got us in the frame. Richard walked over to “get a photo” with me and asked if that was “my side” and I said, “I don’t know what my side is.” He switched sides and got done on one knee. I was so blown away that I couldn’t say anything other than “Oh my god… are you serious?!? for a straight minute. I was so happy Tj was able to be apart of and capture this very special moment.

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